Friday Favorites | Volume Thirteen

It’s Friday! And you know what that means . . . Another addition of my Friday FavoritesThis past week has been unbearably humid here in Dallas, and I’m almost ready for the weather to start cooling down. But I don’t wanna get ahead of myself. The next three days are all about kicking back, relaxing, socializing, and maybe working on some fun end of Summer/beginning of Fall projects! Honestly, I can’t believe the Summer is almost over. So whatever your weekend has in store for you, I hope you’re out soaking up the Summer fun as much as you possibly can before it’s gone. I hope this week’s Friday Favorites inspire you as much as they have inspired me. And have a wonderful weekend!

Friday Favorites | Volume Thirteen

Favorite Shoot: I’m sure you’ve seen her pictures all over Tumblr and Pinterest, and for good reason! Each of Julia Engel’s pictures on Gal Meets Glam are full of glamour, style and beauty. But her photoshoot from Flourish Flower Farm was absolutely gorgeous!! See some more of her great shots from the flower farm here.

Friday Favorites: Flourish Flower Farm Shoot from Gal Meets Glam - Original Caroline

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Everything You Need To Know For The August 21 Solar Eclipse

All You Need To Know For The August 21 Solar Eclipse - Original Caroline
image: Twitter

You’ve probably heard about the major August 21 solar eclipse by now, and according to assistant editor at My DomaineChristie Calucchia, “people are bracing themselves for what Bustle has called ‘the biggest cosmic event in North America.'” For the first time since 1979, this once-in-a-lifetime total eclipse — happening next Monday — will cross the entire country, coast-to-coast.

“For those of us who aren’t astronomy (or astrology) experts, NASA offers a clear description of exactly what it involves: A solar eclipse is an event where the moon completely covers the sun, leaving only a halo-like ring called a corona visible around the sun,” Calucchia adds. If you’re like me, checking your horoscopes and star sign daily, this is kind of a big deal. The Astro Twins claim that the solar eclipse taking place on Monday as well as the lunar eclipse that happened on August 7 will “shake up the status quo and reveal things that are obscured from our view.”

Astrology experts believe this solar eclipse will have a very real impact on your relationship, finances, and career,” says Calcucchia. “What’s more, it will take place while Mercury is in retrograde, which, according to astrology, marks a time when communication and using technology becomes more difficult than usual.”

Curious to know what the August 21 solar eclipse might have in store for you? Here are a few articles to check out for everything you need to know!

What Does the 2017 Solar Eclipse Mean For Your Sign? Bustle

What is A Solar Eclipse, and How Will It Affect Your Sign? My Domaine

The Solar Eclipse on August 21 Will Change EverythingMind Body Green

The Solar Eclipse Will Affect Your Horoscope In A Huge WayWomen’s Health

To get a full overview, check out your monthly horoscope at Cafe Astrology, Astrology King, and Astro Style.

+What are your thoughts on the solar eclipse happening on August 21? Please, leave your thoughts in the comments below!

Getting Mixed Signals? Here’s Why . . .

Getting Mixed Signals? Here's Why . . . - Original Caroline
image: Sam Landreth

One day, the guy you’re getting to know is telling you he likes you, and then the next two weeks pass by without him making much effort to see you. Or maybe your partner says she wants space, but continues to text you daily to make small talk. Mixed signals come in many different forms, but they all come down to the same issue — someone telling you one thing and treating you the complete opposite.

Love is weird and dating is hard. Feelings are already confusing enough, and the addition of someone we like treating us sweetly one day and coldly the next is enough to leave our minds spinning. We go to our friends, angrily shaking our fists at the sky and asking why it all has to be so confusing. But so far, no one seems to know the answer. And I think we all know how easy it is to fall into the trap of blaming yourself when his or her actions toward you are anything but steady. Before you know it, the toxic thoughts begin to consume you!

So what are we supposed to do with these dumbfounding mixed signals? Read further to see what his or her mixed signals could mean and how, ultimately, you are not to blame.

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6 Easy Ways To Ease The Transition From Vacation To Everyday Life

6 Easy Ways To Transition From Vacation To Every Day Life - Original Caroline

We all know that feeling . . . similar to the “Sunday scaries,” but worse. The dreaded return from Summer vacation. How quickly we go from sipping cocktails at the beach to worrying about unread emails and unfolded laundry. Prepping to go away often means taking on extra work to compensate for the time you’ll be gone. And coming home can ruin any zen you may have gained. However, planning ahead can make for a much smoother, happier transition back to real life!

So here’s some simple ways to make the transition back from vacation easy and, dare I say it, maybe even relaxing. Read on for six tips on how to keep that vacation glow.

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Friday Favorites | Volume Twelve

It’s finally Friday! And the next few days are all about indulging in good times with friends, maybe a little relaxation, and hopefully soaking up some sunshine before Summer officially ends. But before we jump into those weekend vibes, take a peek at a few things I’ve been loving lately.

Friday Favorites | Volume Twelve

Favorite Home Tour: Literally. Everything about this 1920’s Kit house makeover is perfect. Self-taught designer and lover of house flipping, Emily Netz gave her home a modern, Cali-inspired face-lift while still keeping “the historical value in tact.” See the rest of the tour over at domino mag.

Friday Favorites: A 1920's kit house gets a modern, Cali-inspired makeover from Domino - Original Caroline

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10 Easy Changes To Make For A Stress-Free Home

10 Easy Changes For A Stress-Free Home - Original Caroline

After the seemingly endless vacations, late night pool parties, and shop-til-you-drop shopping, it's always a relief to come home and finally rest up. But as soon as you walk in the door, you're greeted with dirty dishes in the sink, clothes sprawled out all over the floor, and and endless pile of mail and bills. Instead of calming relaxation, you're sent into a complete panic!

By setting up your space with care and establishing a few simple routines, you can turn your home into a stress-free home.

Take these ten tips to heart to easily turn your home into a totally zen environment.

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Monthly Playlist | August

Remember how amazing it felt when you were a kid, and the first real day of Summer had arrived? You were finally free to run around and play all day long until it was time to go back home. There was nothing that could hold you back; the energy you kept pent up during the school year was practically bursting out of your body! Wasn’t that just the best feeling in the world?

But now that August has finally arrived, Summer will soon come to an end. So let’s enjoy every little bit of it while we can! This monthly playlist is perfect for back porch hangouts, late night campfires and all those end-of-Summer hurrahs.

Even though the season is coming to a close, don’t let the end of Summer pass you by.

Monthly Playlist: August | Original Caroline

image source

+What’s on your monthly playlist for August? I always love finding new music, so let me know in the comments below!

Friday Favorites | Volume Eleven

My most favorite day of the week has officially arrived! And I’m celebrating the best way I know how — by sharing a few of my favorite finds from the week just for you! With this being the first weekend of August ’17, I’m filled with mixed emotions. On the one hand, I’m bummed the Summer’s end is right around the corner. But I’m also thrilled for the arrival of Fall! But there’s still a whole month until the leaves start to change and we start bringing out our thermal tops and cardigans. So this week’s Friday Favorites consists of bright colors and Summer fun to kick your August weekend off right!

Favorites Dress: Free People has sooo many amazing dresses out right now. And their Feelin’ Good Midi dress, ($148) is super chic and shows just the right amount of skin.

Friday Favorites: Feelin' Good Midi Dress from Free People | Original Caroline

Friday Favorites: Feelin' Good Midi Dress from Free People | Original Caroline

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