6 Ways To Feel More Confident This Summer

We all have our insecurities — reasons to choose certain clothes over others and reasons to cover up at the beach or a pool party. I think it’s safe to say that a lot of us have imagined the “perfect” beach body at some point only to look in the mirror unhappy with our reflection. But if you wish to feel more confident, this has got to change! There’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to focus on our bodies and feel more confident, but you don’t have to do it in a negative way that involves deprivation and hating on yourself in the process.

You deserve to feel beautiful and confident, even when it can sometimes seem impossible. So here are a few ways to stop hatin’ on yourself and start feelin’ yo’self this Summer!

6 Ways to Feel More Confident This Summer | Original Caroline


“Bikini-ready” is a myth.

The only things necessary for having a ‘bikini-ready’ body are as follows:

  1. A bikini
  2. A body

And that’s it! No one body type deserves to wear a bikini any more than the other. When you’re bombarded with article after article detailing the prefect meal plan and workout regimen that will get you bikini-ready, know that you can rock a swimsuit lit.er.ally whenever you want! Of course, eating healthy and staying active is great, but your body is already awesome and does so much for you. It deserves to be flaunted if you wanna flaunt it — no six-week juice cleanse, Whole30, hot yoga retreat required for you to love your body.

Pick a swimsuit you feel comfortable in.

If you want to wear a thong bikini bottom, ignore any “How To Dress For Your Body Type” guide that tells you not to! You don’t need to hide, cover up, or accentuate any body part that you don’t want to. Small breasts don’t require extra padding and curvy hips don’t mean a one-piece. Rules are meant to be broken anyway. Focus on what kind of swimsuit will boost your confidence and make you feel sexy. Pick out cuts and colors that you love, try on everything you think you might like, and even splurge a little on a swimsuit that you know you’ll love and feel comfortable wearing, whether that’s a trendy one-piece or a sexy string bikini!

Accessorize like a pro.

Don’t be afraid to embrace your inner fashionista. Layer up on chic necklaces, style a boho silk kimono or cute romper as a cover up, and lace up your stylish mid-calf gladiators. And if dressing up isn’t really your style, bring your cutest beachy accessories instead. A trendy straw tote beach bag, a colorful beach towel and silly oversized pool floaties work just as well!

A little primping goes a long way.

One thing I’m most self-conscious about is my acne. However, buckets of foundation and the beach do not mix — but that doesn’t mean you can’t glam up a little! By taking some time the night before to do a refreshing face mask, exfoliate pretty much your entire body, and moisturize from head to toe will help your feel your sexiest (and your cleanest!).

De-bloating can help.

Feeling uncomfortable in a bathing suit may not have anything to do with confidence, but might actually be because of a bloated midsection. 99 percent of the time you’re the only one who notices, but it might make you feel uncomfortable. So the best way to battle bloat is to drink plenty of water, eat smaller meals more frequently, and avoid foods that are high in salt and fat, especially if you’re about to wear your suit.

Surround yourself with positive people.

Confidence and happiness are contagious. Being around other people with high self-esteems will help you see the beauty in yourself. Start hanging out with people who build you up instead of bring you down. This positive energy will help boost your confidence, make you feel happier in your own skin, and teach you to build the confidence of others.

+What helps you to feel more confident during swimsuit season? Share your tips in the comments!

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