Monthly Playlist | August

Remember how amazing it felt when you were a kid, and the first real day of Summer had arrived? You were finally free to run around and play all day long until it was time to go back home. There was nothing that could hold you back; the energy you kept pent up during the school year was practically bursting out of your body! Wasn’t that just the best feeling in the world?

But now that August has finally arrived, Summer will soon come to an end. So let’s enjoy every little bit of it while we can! This monthly playlist is perfect for back porch hangouts, late night campfires and all those end-of-Summer hurrahs.

Even though the season is coming to a close, don’t let the end of Summer pass you by.

Monthly Playlist: August | Original Caroline

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+What’s on your monthly playlist for August? I always love finding new music, so let me know in the comments below!

Friday Favorites | Volume Eight

It’s that time again! Happy Friday, y’all

Friday Favorites | Volume Eight

Favorite Office Space: The charming headquarters for Sakura Bloom, a brand that “specializes in baby slings,” situated in San Diego. Founder of Studio Matsalla Interiors, Vanessa Matsalla, set up shop in a gazebo! How cool is this place! Read more about this dreamy beachy office space over at Design Sponge.

Friday Favorites: Vanessa Matsalla's Sakura Bloom Office Space from Design Sponge | Original Caroline

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Monthly Playlist: June | Good Vibes

Happy Music Monday! Hope y’all have had a great June so far to kickstart the Summer.

This season is all about pool parties, barbecues and positive vibes — fire flies, longer days and starry nights. But what would any of that be without some good music to accompany them? I’ve got you covered like SPF this month with a perfect mix that just oozes Summertime. So kick back and soak in the rays of relaxation cool pool honeys with this batch of tracks to get the good times and good vibes flowing!

Jump in; the water feels great.

Monthly Playlist: June - Good Vibes | Original Caroline


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Friday Favorites | Volume Three

We made it to the weekend, and you know what that means . . . A few days best spent lounging and indulging in fun activities. I have just the perfect finds to get you started this weekend, so keep scrolling to see what I’ve rounded up! I hope these Friday Favorites inspire you like they have inspired me this past week.

Friday Favorites | Volume Three

Favorite Home Makeover: Designer, entrepreneur and creative mom Aubrey Smith just gave her kitchen a complete makeover! And I’m obsessed. Smith told The Glitter Guide that she wanted her kitchen to be “something elegant, with a sophisticated twist.” I love how she took the common white-walls-brass-fixtures trend and mixed up the color with beautiful purple-gray cabinets. Well done, Aubrey! Be sure to look at the rest of her kitchen makeover!

Friday Favorites: Aubrey Smith Kitchen Makeover | Original Caroline

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Monthly Playlist | April

Whaddup, April! Presenting yet another monthly playlist for ya.

Monthly Playlist | April

Remember how amazing it felt when the first real day of Spring had arrived and you could finally go outside and play? There was nothing that could hold you back, the energy you’d kept pent up during the cold Winter months was practically bursting out of your arms and legs!

Wasn’t that feeling just the best?

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Monthly Playlist | February

Monthly Playlist | February

 Monthly Playlist

Regardless of where you are at in life right now, spend this month loving those around you. And more importantly yourself! ‘Love is a burning flame’ that never goes out. Take time to celebrate the romance and friendship in your life this month.

This monthly playlist stirs up all kinds of emotions. Listen while starring into the eyes of that special someone. Or dance around your apartment with your besties. This one goes out to all you lovers, and sweethearts, and shakers and movers!

Spread the love without having to worry about the music selection.


Monthly Playlist | January

Monthly Playlist - JANUARY

Check out Original Caroline’s monthly playlist!

My number one passion is music and I love putting on some tunes while I’m writing a new blog post, getting ready for work in the morning, researching my latest obsession; music is my constant. 

So in honor of my January resolution of crafting the perfect morning routine, this month’s playlist is inspired by sleep; because a good night’s sleep makes for a pretty good morning 🙂

For the past few nights, I’ve been putting this on while I wash my face and brush my teeth, helping me to wind down before bed.


Well friends, did you see any songs you recognize? What songs do you listen to that help you wind down after a long day? And what songs would you like to hear on future playlist? Leave your thoughts in the comments section

Much love.