The 12 Best Herbal Teas For Youthful, Glowing Skin

You probably already know that drinking tea has loads of health benefits. But it turns out, drinking tea also has loads of skin benefits! “Studies have shown that antioxidants, polyphenols, and anti-inflammatory agents improve and maintain the health of the skin,” says Dr. John Diaz, board certified plastic surgeon. And “tea is a rich source of all of these.” 

And beauty experts can all agree that there are some major benefits from not only drinking tea, but using tea topically. “Tea is a superstar in the natural skincare world,” says Theresa Krier, founder of Big T NYC — a brand that makes curated and bespoke teas and tisanes. “[They’re] packed with a host of vitamins, amino acids, and catechins that work holistically to slow aging, stimulate collagen production, reduce body fat, and maintain healthy skin cells. Tea also combats dehydration, a major culprit of dull skin.”

It’s basically a flavorful way of getting enough fluid into your body each day along with skin-loving nutrients! Whether you drink one or two cups a day or apply brewed tea or extracts directly to your skin, there’s no doubt you’ll see some amazing results! Keep reading to find out which teas to add to your life for clear, youthful, glowing skin

The 12 Best Teas For Youthful, Glowing Skin - Original Caroline
image: Madwell

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11 Tricks To Boost Your Energy At Work & Fake A Good Night’s Sleep

11 Tricks To Boost Your Energy & Fake A Good Night's Sleep - Original Caroline
image: Inspired By This

We’ve all had those mornings where we keep hitting the snooze button to the last possible moment. Between work, parties, vacation and Netflix binges, life can get in the way of a solid night’s sleep — albeit willingly — and come morning, you’re greeted with a face that looks the exact opposite of fresh. 

Aside from hearing the dreaded, “You look tired,” all day long, you’re two seconds away from dozing off — despite the fact that your desk chair is ridiculously uncomfortable. And even if you did get the recommended eight hours of sleep, we all experience an energy dip at some point throughout the day.

So to disguise that you did anything but sleep the night before and don’t have the delicacy of taking a nap at work, here are a few tricks that will help you look more awake and instantly boost your energy!

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How To Hygge During Spring & Summer

Crackling wood in a fiery hearth paired with a hot cup of tea, a knit blanket and watching the snow lightly fall outside. Sounds like a scene in a Christmas movie, right? Well, this snapshot encapsulates the Danish lifestyle trend referred to as hygge. And in the last year, it’s crossed the pond and made it’s way into American interior design.

Roughly translating to ‘cozy’ (but on a much deeper level), hygge — pronounced “hoo-gah” — is all about living a harmonious, happy and relaxing life by indulging in the comfort of home. However, when we think of the word hygge (or type it into Pinterest), things like fuzzy socks and wool blankets and snuggling by the fire come to mind. But just because the snow stops falling doesn’t mean the hygge has to go along with it!

In Denmark, hygge is a yearlong affair! It’s embedded in the Danish culture and their daily lives. And despite the imagery and elements associated with the word, slowing down and genuinely enjoying the moment alone or with those around you is by no means confined to one season.

Most of us want to live in a soothing environment among things that bring us comfort and joy year-round. And hygge puts a name and an action to those simple desires. During Winter, embracing hygge only seems natural. So how do you honor the hygge concept during the warmer seasons? We may drink hot cocoa in one season and cold beers in another, but the hygge moments always remain. Rebecca Thandi Norman, writer for Scandinavia Standard, says, “When it’s not so cold, spring hygge looks like garden parties with lots of flowers, light colors, and taking shelter from the rain in a cafe.” Here’s a few key ways on how to hygge during the warmer seasons.

Hygge during the warmer months by lighting candles of floral and fruity fragrances

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6 Ways To Go Green With Your Daily Routine

With the longer days and fresh flowers entering our world, you may be thinking about ways you can give a little back to the earth that gives us so much. You could add some Spring vibes to your wardrobe in honor of all the beautiful blooms or bring some Mother Nature inside your home. But if you really want to make changes and go green, you’re going to have to take it a step further. Follow these six tips for some eco-friendly products to use in your daily routine, and you’ll be on the road to a greener lifestyle in no time!

Ways To Go Green With Your Daily Routine

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24 Things I Know For Sure at 24

Twenty-four years — four years more than two decades, and I still haven’t gotten a hang of this thing called ‘life.’ I don’t know how to do my taxes and I don’t know how to buy a house. I don’t even know how to tie shoes the right way (hell yeah I still do bunny-ears!). #noshame

Tomorrow is my 25th birthday; I’m turning 25 on the 25th. And, (I know I’m looking waaay too much into this occurrence) I feel like the universe is trying to tell me something. Like this is the age when I’ll start to make big changes and really discover who I’m becoming.

I would imagine that most people have their own lists of self-defining experiences — and hopefully we all realized a thing or two (or 25) about ourselves along the way. I feel it’s important to reflect on the existential tribulations that come along with age. But also to celebrate how much we’ve grown.

There’s definitely things I don’t know about life, but I do know a few things and they have gotten me through life just fine. Well, almost just fine. However difficult life has been in the past, I’ve survived through my teens and early twenties, and I feel like I’ve learned some wisdom along the way.

Twenty-Four Things I Know For Sure at Twenty-Four | Original Caroline

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Ways To Celebrate The Spring Equinox

Can you feel it? There’s a change in the air. It may or may not seem like it where you live, but today is the Vernal Equinox (or better known as the first day of Spring). This isn’t just a reminder to haul your lighter jackets out of storage — it’s also a call to observe the massive shift nature is about to undergo!

Nature-based faiths have long celebrated the Equinox as a time of rebirth and fertility. It’s also known as Ostara, named after the early Germanic goddess of Spring, Eostre, who was said to awake at the end of Winter and prompt nature to restart its life cycle. But like any holiday that’s as old as the seasons themselves, it can be difficult to know how it’s observed and why.

In the past, people would celebrate the holiday by holding feasts and giving thanks for having survived another Winter. Of course, this raises the question: How can we honor this time of year nowadays, considering most of us have access to central heat and little to no knowledge of feast-planning?

Shaman and seeress (one with divine intuition) Deborah Hanekamp of Mama Medicine calls Spring an in-between time of year. “We don’t have a ton of flowers out yet, we’re not in full abundance mode, but we’re getting there,” she says. “It’s a time to plant seeds, set intentions and bless you new projects.”

Here’s how to make the most of the vernal equinox in a more modern way. Yes, actual ‘Spring Cleaning’ is involved, but there’s more to it than that. Scroll through to discover how even the simplest things — like buying a bouquet of flowers — can spiritually prepare you for the changes of Spring.

Ways To Celebrate The Spring Equinox

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3 Ways To Adjust To the Time Change & Get Your Sleep Schedule Back On Track

Aside from on night less of sleep, Daylight Savings is far more exciting than it is unfortunate – bringing with it grilling out with fam and friends during the week, and late night pool parties on the weekends. There’s so much to look forward to with the time change! I think a few of us can agree it’s worth it to lose an hour of sleep and gain some fun in the sun.

As much as I prefer the sun going down late in the day, losing that precious hour of sleep can throw us way off. One hour may not seem like much, but even this minor disruption can mess with our circadian rhythm (turns out our bodies are made to sleep according to the sun’s movements and not man-made clocks . . . go figure), resulting in fewer Zs. It can take up to a week for our bodies to adjust to the time change, according to Harvard Health. And with that, we can become irritable and have a complete lack of focus.

This adjustment period demands some serious coping skills to not feel like you’ve fallen into a deep hole of Mercury Retrograde! So to help you get some good-quality slumber, read up on these tips on how to maximize sleep quality to wake up with more of a spring in your step!

To make a seamless transition into the savings of daylight, adhere to the following tips.

3 Ways To Get Your Sleep Schedule Back On Track

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Learning How To Forgive Yourself

Forgiveness is a process. It’s not something that just happens over night. But no matter how long it takes, you can totally learn how to forgive yourself. Ditch the murky lenses that encourage you to look for flaws or examples of lack, and trade them in for a shiny new perspective and self-love!

Whatever it may be, ask yourself what value comes from holding onto these stories? Are they really adding value? Are they bringing you closer to creating more of what you want in life?

These stories weigh us down. They hold us back from love, expansion, prosperity and feeling the way we really want to feel. They’re keeping us in the past and likely tainting us present. It’s time to let them be what they are: history. You don’t have to carry them with you. Here are some steps to take you on that journey.

Forgiving yourself doesn’t mean you’re free from the consequences of your actions. Yes, there will be consequences, but those consequences don’t have to include feeling guilt, shame or depression. They aren’t going to make you resourceful or stronger. In fact, they’ll weaken you and make it harder for you to recover. You owe it to yourself to keep your vibrations high so that you can help navigate out of any situation in the fastest and best way possible.

Here are 8 ways to learn how to forgive yourself and learn to love yourself more fully.

Self-Love Challenge | Day 26: Learning How To Forgive Yourself

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