10 Cozy Bedroom Ideas For The Fall Season

As the temperature drops and the leaves start to fall, there’s one room that becomes the heart of the home: your bedroomAnd at the end of a long day and a chilly commute home, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as retreating to a cloud-like bed, lighting a scented candle, wrapping yourself in a warm blanket, and curling up with a warm cup of tea and a good book or movie. 


8 Cozy Bedroom Ideas For Fall - Original Caroline
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So to make your bedroom the ultimate cold weather escape, take a look at these ten cozy bedrooms that prove it only takes a few simple tweaks to transition your space into an absolute stellar Fall haven! After all, it’s been said that we spend one-third of our lives in our bedroom, so why not make it the coziest room in the house! By the time you’re done redecorating, you’ll never wanna leave!

From switching up the sheets to adding natural textures, keep reading for ten quick, fuss-free bedroom ideas to make your space your favorite room in the house!

Change The Sheets & Comforter

Cozy Fall Bedroom Ideas: Change to warmer, softer bed sheets - Original Caroline
image: Jacquelyn Clark

There’s nothing quite like collapsing onto a cloud of comfy soft sheets at the end of a long day. So with the change in season, quickly take your bedroom from Summer to Fall and add warmer layers in thick, high-quality fabrics. And since it’s the place in you room where you probably spend the most, it’s more than okay to spend a little more on sheets that feel amazing!

And don’t feel like you have to go with white — deeper hues like emerald, blush and eggplant add a certain luxe and are much easier to maintain. You’ll also want to consider materials that just feel good like Egyptian cotton.

If you’re not big on changing your sheets (or new sheets just aren’t in your budget right now), you can still add warmth with thick, textured throw blankets. And you can never have too many throws! Artfully drape them at the end of your bed for a seriously inviting and undone look. For those who do want to change their look without spending a ton of money, you can find great options on a budget at places like T.J. Maxx or Marshalls. 

Add Some Velvet

Cozy Bedroom Ideas: Add velvet - Original Caroline
image: Domino

The perfect Fall-ready space is all about pairing the right texturesThis luxurious fabric has not only left a big mark in the fashion world this year, but also inside homes. And House Beautiful says that incorporating velvet throughout the home is a big Fall and Winter trend.

The key to mastering this trend is choosing accents with subtle variations in sheen and textures. Whether you add a few velvet accent pillows or dial it up with a statement headboard, incorporating this luxe fabric instantly adds a certain richness to your space. 

Layer With Rugs 

Cozy Fall Bedroom Ideas: Layer with rugs - Original Caroline
image: My Domaine

Another easy way to update your bedroom for the season without a lot of commitment is layering rugs. No matter if you have carpet or hardwood floors, rugs are a great way to add texture and warmth underfoot. 

Choose anything from a faux fur rug to an antique Persian piece, and layer two or three in different shapes, fabrics and patterns for extra coziness. Because if one rug is cozy, two rugs are even cozier! 

If you’re unsure which rugs work side by side, start with a natural fiber rug, like jute, seagrass or sisal, and add from there. Choose one color for your top rug that’s already incorporated in your space via artwork or pillows. Come Spring, just remove the top rugs and leave the flatweave.

Replace Throw Pillows

Cozy Bedroom Ideas: Replace throw pillows - Original Caroline
image: Anthropologie

Just like rugs and blankets, throw pillows are another easy and most affordable way to update from season to season. And the more the merrier for Fall and Winter! My recommendation is pick one or two throw pillows with a lot of textures but keep the rest simple. That way, your room looks more finished and will be easier to remove when you go to sleep. 

If you’re looking to inject some seasonal color, go with marigold, dark green, and blush, three hues that are very trendy this season. Don’t be afraid to mix and match, just make sure the colors and textures go with your overall bedroom design. 

Use Calming Colors

Cozy Bedroom: Use Calming Colors - Original Caroline
image: Beaux-Mondes

The color of a bedroom can set the mood for the whole design. If you’re looking to change your bedroom on a larger scale, a fresh coat of paint in a warm, soft color can definitely transform your bedroom. But you don’t have to choose white or beige paint — you can still get that calm and cozy feeling with earthy or deep jewel tones, which are just as soothing.

If you do go with a beige or gray color, warm up your space with bedding and decor. 

Adjust The Lighting

Cozy Fall Bedroom Ideas: Adjust the lighting - Original Caroline
image: Vogue

Overhead lighting is unnecessarily bright for a room where sleep is paramount. And unflattering light not only casts a harsh sheen but can also take away from the coziness of a space. Switch out harsh bulbs for softer, warmer low-wattage ones that will cast a flattering glow, and add bedside lamps or unique wall sconces to make your space feel abundantly cozy.

Oh, and don’t forget to bring on the candles for the perfect mood lighting. Just be sure to blow them out before you go to sleep!

Update Art

Cozy Fall Bedroom Ideas: Update the artwork - Original Caroline
image: Oh Eight Oh Nine

Expertly styled spaces exude character. From the moment you enter the room, there’s a distinct mood that sets the tone. And one piece that instantly establish the voice of a home is artwork. Something as simple as swapping out a print in an existing frame can give your bedroom a whole new look. Or you can go all out with a bedroom gallery wall. 

Add Warm, Natural Textures

image: Heidi’s Bridge

While Summer is all about light and sparse, Fall more about warmth, layers and textures. And there’s no place where texture matters more than in the bedroom — every piece should ooze with coziness. So don’t hold back when it comes to mixing up textures with your bedding and decor. 

Is your nigthstand looking a little worn? Swap it out for wooden, earthy bedside table. Or maybe your headboard is an iron hand-me-down from your mom. Update for one with velvet fabric and worn brass studs. The possibilities for adding texture are truly endless! 

Create A Reading Nook

Cozy Fall Bedroom Ideas: Create a reading nook - Original Caroline
image: My Scandinavian Home

There’s a certain romance about Fall. But the cooler temperature can also be challenging, as you’re forced to spend more time indoors. So with that said, now is the perfect time to make sure your utilizing each pocket of space in your bedroom to make sure your time is well spent. 

Styling a simple reading nook in the corner of your bedroom is a nice way to repurpose an unused area. Position a comfortable chair by the window, pair it with a nesting table to hold your coffee and a book, and add a simple reading lamp to create an entirely new look for your bedroom. This is especially beneficial if you have roommates and need a place for some solitude. 

Cozy Fall Bedroom Ideas: Create a reading nook - Original Caroline
image: Urban Outfitters

If a new chair isn’t in your budget or your room is on the small side, a couple floor cushions and a simple rug will do just fine. Urban Outfitters always has great options at a fair price (look here, here and here). Plus you can mix and match! 

Make A Canopy

Cozy Fall Bedroom Ideas: Canopy Bed - Original Caroline

Cozy Fall Bedroom Ideas: Canopy Bed - Original Caroline
image: Love Grows Wild

I absolutely love the look of canopy beds. Start treating yourself like royalty and create the ultimate cozy escape with a canopy bed. It’s a no-fail way to add that extra comfort factor. Whether you make one yourself, like Liz and her husband did from Love Grows Wild, or want to invest in a luxe bed frame, you can never go wrong with a cozy cocoon. 

+Any bedroom ideas you use to up the coziness factor? And don’t forget to switch up your wardrobe and skincare routine as well!

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