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Designing your home – no matter what stage you’re at – can be an intimidating journey. Even more intimidating, the loads of interior designers to choose from. It seems like interior designers are only accessible for the super-rich . . . That is, until Homepolish – where you can go to one place, find the type of style you’re going for and get set up with a designer that will create a space that reflects you. 

If you have not yet heard of Homepolish, you need to definitely check them out – especially if you are looking to redesign your space.

They were founded with a simple idea: Interior design needed a redesign for the way people live now! They deliver personal, accessible and flexible interior design by the hour, nationally. Whether you’re looking to make an old space feel new again, merge you styles with a partner, or do a complete renovation, Homepolish brings you the most talented designers (over 500 across the country!) and fanatical customer support to your project.

So how exactly was Homepolish created? In late 2012, Will Nathan, a former tech M&A investment banker-turned-BuzzFeed-coder had trouble finding a savvy, straightforward and talented interior designer for his new Chelsea apartment. Through a friend, he met Noa Santos, a Stanford-educated, high-end interior designer running a one-man shop using a new, hourly model. After Will’s apartment was whipped into shape, the two decided to scale the model to homes and offices across the country! And thus, came up with the idea of Homepolish – the easiest way to get set up with an interior designer for your home or office.

Homepolish provides office and home interior design services for various projects in the United States. They design office lofts, pop-up shops, brownstones, studio apartments, mansions, hair salons, and others. The company also offers services in the areas of electrical rewiring, contractor/architect relations, paint colors, pillows, and others. In addition, it provides a platform that connects customers with the company’s own interior designers. The company was incorporated in 2012 and is based in New York, New York.

Designer Spotlight | Homepolish

Designer Spotlight | Homepolish