How To Create A Nightly Routine Full Of Love

It seems like almost every blog out there has a post about their morning routine (check mine out here! :)). More powerful than any morning habits, however, are our bedtime routines and rituals. Our bedtime routines allow us to close out our current day and set the stage for the coming one. They give us a daily check-in with how we want to feel and who we want to be. They give us time to focus on connection, reflection and celebration. Regardless of how much you did (or didn’t) accomplish that day, each evening is an opportunity to reconnect with yourself, your desires and even your loved ones. They’re are an opportunity for self-care and self-love.

Rituals and routines offer us compassionate discipline where we focus our attention and energy on achieving a certain feeling. They will ground us regardless of what’s happening around us.

Try implementing these new 5 habits to help keep you in energetic alignment with your dreams.

Self-Love Challenge | Create A Nightly Routine Filled With Love

How To Create A Nightly Routine


As soon as you get home from work or a night out, change into some comfy PJs. Start sending the message to your brain that it’s time to relax. Light your favorite candle, turn on a couple lamps and turn off overhead lights. If you have the time (and the willpower) make yourself a bath with Epsom salts and add a little bubbles just for fun. Or take a quick shower and wash away all the stress from the day.


It’s always important to keep your skin hydrated, but the cold winter months calls for special attention. Of course, be sure to floss, brush your teeth and wash your face. End your day with an intense dry brush and moisturizing treatment. Dry brushing helps flush away dead skin cells and increases circulation (which helps reduce the appearance of cellulite). You’ll feel more glamorous going to bed clean, smooth and scrubbed. And this extra attention to self-care maintenance will undoubtedly make you more confident in your body the next day.

Set The Mood

Whether you’re solo or with a partner, setting the mood for a good night’s sleep is a healthy indulgence you should definitely try. Try making your bedroom a Screen-Free Zone. Although I use my phone as an alarm to get me up in the morning, I turn it on Airplane Mode at least an hour before bed. Go Night Shift Mode on your phone an hour or two before bed (too much of that blue light is really hindering your melotonin production). Switch out your laptop/tablet for a good book or your favorite magazine. See if your partner will join in on the Screen-Free fun!

Re-center Yourself

Take several deep breaths. Inhale calming energy going into your. Exhale any pent-up negative emotions and feel them as they leave your body. Enjoy the stillness and silence in this moment. Close your eyes and visualize your dreams and goals and feel the excitement of their manifestation. Think about the actions you need to take in order to achieve your goals and dreams. You use your imagination every day – daydreaming or thinking about situations that already happened of worrying about the ones that may. Start using your imagination to your advantage and bring your visions into reality.

Your Turn

Nourishing and supportive routines help frame our lives. Rituals remind us of our own sacredness and our desire to connect with our core (and our relationship with ourselves). Rather than stifling your creativity, routines are about managing your energy effectively in order to channel it toward you real desires and purpose! Our daily actions are what create our life, so by creating nourishing and supportive routines, we are choosing to fuel our days and nourish our spirits.

Choose actions that create an environment of order and support. Simple chores like unloading the dishwasher and clearing the kitchen counters don’t just minimize clutter; they also leave your energy available to help you create and strategize rather than merely living on autopilot. Even transforming the most mundane activity can be a way to choose how you want to feel, to honor your soul, and to show respect for your spirit. Even if I had a bad day, these rituals help me fall asleep feeling peaceful, beautiful and loved.

Self-care isn’t just about taking hot baths or giving yourself facials. Be sure to take care of your whole self by developing a multidimensional self-care routine. Don’t leave yourself empty by merely taking care of your physical self. Maintain self-care on all levels to benefit fully.

+What do you include in your nightly routine? And what’s the number one thing you HAVE to do before bed? Leave your answer in the comments below. And post a pic on Instagram of your self-love nightly routine with the hashtag #OriginalSelfLove

Much love and good luck