How To: Embrace Cabin Fever

The view out my window- crisp, cloudy and cold. Like bone-chilling cold (for Texas)! You could say I’m a winter wimp, so definitely not a lot of outdoor exploring going on. Instead, I have been concocting the perfect recipe to help embrace cabin fever full force and make these winter days a little less dull.

I thought I would let you in on my experiment.

Feel free to adjust any of the measurements as you see fit ^_^

How To Embrace Cabin Fever

How To Embrace Cabin Fever | Pile On The Knit Sweaters1. Pile On The Knit Sweater

I used to hate the response my dad would give me when I complained about it being too cold in the house. “Well put on some gloves and a scarf!” With my very polished eye-rolling, I would think, who wears gloves and a scarf in their house?! But, per usual, daddy was right. Bundling up inside may feel a little silly at first, but what’s more important…looking silly, or being nice and toasty?

2. Start A New Project 

Honestly, with all of the holidays, it’s hard NOT to start some sort of brain child! There are thousands of DIY projects to look up online. You can create a vision board for the new year (which I just recently did and LOVED). Spring cleaning is sooo 2010! It’s all about the winter cleaning these days; tackle the avalanche of Tupperware in your kitchen cabinet, take everything off the bookshelves to give a good dusting then put everything back in a new place, and since it’s the season for giving, read Marie Kondo’s magic of tidying-up to do a complete overhaul and donate whatever is left over! The list can go on and you are bound to find a couple projects here and there you’d like to take part in.

How To Embrace Cabin Fever | Drink Warm Beverages3. Drink Lots Of Hot Beverages

Even though I should be saving my money…Starbucks is so hard to resist with all their hot yummy drinks! But some days are snow days (we Texans call them ice days) where you’re stuck with what ya got at home. Be sure to stock up on your favorite teas, coffee, hot cocoa, almond milk, raw honey and the like to make your own Starbucks treats. I’ll call them Carolinebucks ^_^

4. Find Yourself A Snuggle Buddy

Dog, cat, human. Borrow one if you have to! Catch up on the latest Netflix series, throw a snuggle party and watch your favorite winter movies. *ADDED BONUS: extra body heat! You’ll be embracing each other while you embrace cabin fever together!

How To Embrace Cabin Fever |Start A New Book
5. Start Reading A New Book

Or revisit an old favorite and lose yourself in the words. A nice, long book will easily draw your attention away from how long the days feel when your lost in your thoughts. Maybe ask your friend(s) to have a virtual book club to make the experience all the more pleasurable and a little less lonely.

6. Try Out Yoga Or Meditation

You don’t need a fancy yoga mat or expensive leggings to do yoga. Plus getting your body moving a little will definitely bring up your body temperature. And meditation is a great way to get out of your head for a bit. Win/win situation.

7. Listen To Something Epic 

Sometimes days stuck indoors are a great chance for me to look up new bands I’ve been meaning to listen to or stumble across musicians I’ve never heard of. I also love going through my dad’s old CD collection and give a listen to the classics. This might prompt you to have a personal dance party with you and your dog!

8. Try To Go Outside, Even For Just A Minute

I know, I know. Just the thought of going outside is making your bones shiver, but the cold air outside will make you appreciate the warm air inside. And just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you can skip out on Vitamin D!

9. Take A Nice, Long, Warm Bath

Need I say more?

10. Repeat and enjoy steps 1-9 whenever possible!

And always, always, always try to stay positive. Winter is only 3 months long. I know you can make it! I believe in you.

+What’s your perfect recipe to help you embrace cabin fever? Any of the things listed? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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