12 Ideas For Decorating With Houseplants

Air purifying benefits aside, decorating with plants is an easy way to make your home feel alive, bright and homey.  I’ve literally become obsessed with houseplants (and so has Pinterest and Instagram it seems)! Walk into a home filled with houseplants and you’re bound to feel instantly more zen. And a little greenery can add beauty, character, texture and good energy into any space!

Popular houseplants include the fiddle leaf fig, cacti, succulents and golden pothos vine. Some are sturdier than others, but each plant has a distinct look that can enhance the look and feel of your home. And, thanks to some clever decorating tricks, even those without outdoor spaces can create a lush indoor garden! 

From design-forward planters to out-of-the-box styling, these ideas will inspire you to create your own indoor garden oasis. jungle. Read on for decorating ideas and easy-care tips for keeping houseplants alive to boost health as well as happiness.

Ideas For Decorating With Houseplants - Fill your vacant corners with plants | Original Caroline

Plants In This Corner

In the practice of feng shui, plants are considered one of the most effective cures for areas in your home that look little dull. For those corners in your home that don’t seem right for a piece of furniture, try placing a large houseplant to fill the empty space. By placing the two plants in the corner beside the couch in the picture above, the room feel more intimate without being overcrowded. Any areas of you home that feel like dead space can easily be fixed by adding different layerings of plants for a whimsical plant sanctuary! Just be sure to always choose plants that are suited to the light levels in that space.

Place a small vine on a bookshelf and let it drape over.

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Plant Shelfie

Small vine plants are perfect for filling empty spaces on bookshelves and bar carts. I absolutely love the look of a small plant that drapes down from high shelves. It’s an unexpected touch that really makes a room more memorable. And for a more eclectic look, use a fun patterned pot or obscure planter. Airy, open bookshelves, like the one shown above, can make a dull space really come to life. But be sure not to tuck potted plants into a bookcase with a back. Otherwise, the poor plant won’t be able to receive enough light!

Using a ficus or fiddle leaf fig does wonders in small spaces as it brings the eyes upward.

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Ol’ Faithful

Don’t be afraid to go big! Whatever cramps the style of your space, a great big houseplants can go a long way toward fixing it. The fiddle leaf fig tree is the most standard big houseplant you’ve seen, but it’s such a lovely option. And any large potted plant can bring a lot of personality to your home, make a small space feel bigger or fill an open room without having to spend a fortune. Other great options are the ficus (pictured above), a tall cactus for a southwestern feel or a ponytail palm for coastal vibes.

Gather a bunch of different plants in one area for an eclectic feel, and so you remember to water them!

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Mixed Company

If you have had trouble with keeping houseplants alive and healthy in the past . . . Try placing some in a cluster! Not only will watering the leafy group be easier to remember — since they are conveniently located in one spot — but a group of plants also creates its own micro-climate, which boosts humidity and helps prevent water loss! You can get creative by mixing and matching greenery with the rest of your home decor thereby creating an environment to relax and entertain. Clusters of plants especially work well in room corners where nothing else fits and in otherwise awkward and wasted spaces.

If you have a room with big, open windows, this is a perfect place for succulents and cacti.
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Natural Light

Let daylight dapple the leaves of your beautiful houseplants. Cacti and succulents are excellent for setting by the window since they enjoy a lot of natural lighting.

To really bring the outdoors in, create a lush jungle ambiance by filling a room with loads of beautifully styled plants. | Original Caroline

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Wild & Free

A few strategically placed houseplants are one way to breathe life into your home – but if you really want to bring the outside in, a wild eclectic approach is the way to go. Create a lush ambiance in your dining room by filling the space with larger plants. For the most jungle-like effect, set a few large potted plants on the floor, place a cluster of smaller potted plants on a windowsill or credenza, and hang a pot or two from the ceiling.

Add a bohemian touch with macrame hanging planters and cascading vines, like a golden pothos vine or string of hearts.

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Give Macrame A Chance

Consider your houseplants as an important part of your interior design. A fun idea for decorating with houseplants is to add macrame hanging planters. These little guys can make your space really pop and adds an instant bohemian vibe. Again, I absolutely love the look of cascading vines! *heart eyes emoji* Click on the image source and you’ll get a step-by-step guide on how to make your own macrame hanging planter!

For a more minimal look, use a single branch or frond when decorating with houseplants.

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Stand Alone

If you don’t like the idea of finicky and fussy houseplants, why not add a single frond or branch here and there! One or two minimal fronds can add some delicate beauty and looks great with a more modern design.

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Kitchen Greens

The kitchen makes a wonderful home for houseplants. From delicate vines twining down an open shelf to a pot of culinary, ready to snip off while you’re cooking. Especially in an apartment where it’s hard to change the wall color and if you don’t have an outdoor space. Bringing in fresh plants is an easy and budget-friendly way to liven up and personalize your space.

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Dreamy Blooms

Refresh the air in your bedroom with a few potted plants for a more peaceful sleep and purified air. If you bedroom doesn’t get too much light, pick a plant like the snake plant which is pictured above. Trading a bedside lamp for a rich, leafy fern offers a surprise hit of nature that’s especially striking in a neutral space. One plant can turn an understated bedroom into a minimalist enchanted forest!

Tropical and subtropical plants, like a philodendron, will absolutely thrive in your bath.

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Bathroom Garden

You should definitely take advantage of the humidity that naturally happens in the bathroom with your morning shower. Most finicky tropical and subtropical plants, like a Boston fern, love the heat and humidity. How’s that for multi-tasking! Scented plants like jasmine or lush tropicals like philodendrons or bamboo will absolutely thrive in your bath. But make sure that they get at least some natural light for them to really flourish!

For those who have had trouble keeping plants alive in the past, you can just as easily use a photograph of plants to bring some life to your home.

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Still Life

Of course, for those black thumbs out there, keeping a plant alive (let alone happy) seems like a daunting task. So if you’ve had problems in the past with houseplants but you love the look of them, you can find some fun photographs or prints of your favorite plants!

If you've had trouble keeping plants alive in the past, you can just as easily bring your home to life with plant patterned wallpaper! | Original Caroline

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Or you can do a room full of plant-patterned wallpaper!

Live plants are an important home decor piece and — sometimes they can even become key design elements all on their own! Next time you see an unused corner or empty shelf in your home, consider bringing in a plant to fill that space.

+What are your favorite ideas for decorating with houseplants? Even though I’m not very crafty, I really want to try my hand at making a macrame hanging planter! What about you? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.
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