9 Ways To Make Your Bedroom A Sanctuary

Is your bedroom your happy place? If the answer is no, let’s work on making that happen. Why? Sleep is absolutely vital for optimal health. Your bedroom should be your sanctuary — a getaway from the stresses of your day. Besides a soft spot to lay your head, what is it that a bedroom needs to keep you coming back for more?

Read 7 tips that lead to bedtime enlightenment and turn your bedroom into your new sanctuary.
Self-Love Challenge | Make Your Bedroom A Santuary

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Embrace Minimalism

This is a difficult one for me, but it seems to be the most important. To create calm in the bedroom, free it of clutter. Nut just the floor, but the walls, too. Choose one or two pieces of art for one wall and leave the rest bare. Apply a ‘less is more’ approach to the furnishings also. Do use that desk very often, or could you put it somewhere else?

Go Neutral

Getting a comforter that screams personality might seem like the right move when you click ‘add to cart,’ but it’s not helping to make your bedroom a serene oasis. Just say no to loud prints and go with white or neutral bedding instead. Keep a neutral base color and you can always add visual interest with a colorful pillow or throw blanket that will be easier to digest.

Take The Plushness Plunge

We’ve all heard this before, but spending a little extra on plush bedding is key. There is nothing better than sinking into a cozy, comfortable bed. Spring and summer are great times to purchase down comforters and feather beds because they go on sale. So start saving up now!

A Noteworthy Night Stand

A sturdy bedside tabletop is another key element. Having a place to rest your glass of water and favorite book helps with your overall comfort and relaxation. I lived with a night stand that was way too low for years. Make sure you measure the height of your bed before you go shopping for a night stand.

Self-Love Challenge | Make Your Bedroom A Santuary

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Let There Be Light

Natural sunlight is amazing during the day, but dimmed mood lighting is essential at night. Replacing your switch with a dimmer switch isn’t too difficult or expensive. My boyfriend replaced my regular light switch with a dimmer in under 2 minutes! A bedside lamp is also a great way to add mood lighting at night + you don’t have to get out of your comfy bed to turn the light out.

A Rug To Hug

The right rug or carpet can give you a tiny foot massage when you step in and out of bed. Look for a shag rug/carpet or soft sheepskin rug for best results.


Picking the right scent for your bedroom is a matter of taste, but hands down, the most popular scent for relaxation is Lavender. And you can find a Lavender scented candle or spray pretty much anywhere! Put Lavender oil and dab a little directly on your pillow. Scents have a way of turning your bedroom into the ultimate sanctuary.

Bedside Journal

Keep a journal by your bed to write down any thoughts from your day. Whether it’s a to-do list for tomorrow, worries you may have or a gratitude list, get it out of your mind and on paper. It’ll help to calm your nerves.

Self-Love Challenge | Make Your Bedroom A Santuary

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With Love

Choose a few items that remind you of the people and things you love in your bedroom.

+Hope these tips help you on your path to nighttime Nirvana! Do you have any bedroom musts on how to create serenity in the bedroom? What two things can you tackle this weekend to make your bedroom a peaceful sanctuary? I’d love to hear them in the comments below!