Be Mindful Of Negative Thoughts & Feelings

When we’re trying something new, we can be our own worst enemy! We tend to tell ourselves things that are untrue, and these white lies prevent us from growing and pursuing our dreams.

How we relate to our thoughts has a huge impact on how our day unfolds. So, for once, take a moment to be mindful of the negative thoughts spinning around in that beautiful head of yours 🙂 By taking a few mindful moments, you can fain some space between you and your thoughts.

Practice breaking your habitual negative thoughts by first tuning into how a thought or action makes you feel. Also, look at how they generate certain story lines in your mind. You can step back from a moment and recognize: Hey, that’s not a tried and true fact – it’s just a thought!

So, for once, write down exactly what’s spinning round in that beautiful head of yours. How we relate to our thoughts has a big impact on how our day unfolds. By taking a few mindful moments, we can fain some space between us and our thoughts, and have some freedom from what trigger us.

Try these 4 simple approaches this week and see if you can work on changing your relationship to certain patterns of thinking. Let your experience be your guide.

Self-Love Challenge | Be Mindful Of Your Negative Thoughts and Feelings

Transform Negative Thoughts

Recognize The Negative Thought & Name It

If the thought is, I’m not good enough, life is never going to get better, or some form of complaining, take a moment to recognize that the thought is forming in your brain. Actually name the style of thinking or behavior that isn’t serving you in your mind or say it out loud (i.e., overeating, catastrophic thinking, grumpiness, etc.). This not only creates more awareness for you, but also has been found to bring more activity to the part of your brain that has to do with emotional regulation.

Feel The Negative Thought

Recognize how this moment feels in your body. Embrace it completely. By recognizing the negative thought, it will help you to get in touch with what you’re feeling. Notice where the feeling is; is your chest tightening up or do you feel tension in your neck? The trick is to become consistently mindful of your emotions before your thoughts have a chance to run with preconditioned negativity. Regardless if you’re feeling nervous or angry, simply experiencing your emotions means it’s time to stop and evaluate your thoughts before they gain momentum.

Relax The Body & Release The Negative Thought

When you’ve experiencing negative thoughts, your body is also reacting. You’re going through some form of a fight-flight-freeze response. So take a moment to relax your body. Through mindful breathing, you can use the out breath to release tension in your body, as well as negative thinking. You can even imagine negative thoughts leaving your body with the out breath. Practice this phrase in concert with the breath, “Breathing in, I acknowledge the feeling that’s here; breathing out, I release it.”

Flip The Negative Thought (Mini Gratitude Practice)

Now that you have a little space between you and your negative thoughts, consider for a moment: What’s actually good right now? Could it be that you’re safe? Your body is working and healthy in this moment? You have friends you can actually count on? Whatever it might be, see if you can name a few of those, recognize them, and also just linger in that a little bit.

Shift your attention to something that is healthier and/or more important to pay attention to. Bring this awareness into the moments of your day, dropping into what really matters.

Practice these 4 things over and over as an experiment. What you practice and repeat starts to become more automatic. Remember, most importantly, this is a learning process. Don’t measure your success by whether ‘it works’ every time or not. Instead, you’re training your brain to name, recognize, release and redirect. 

Mastery is only created with a learning mindset. Like learning how to drive a car, as you practice and repeat this over time, your brain will start making this more automatic.

+What negative thoughts are standing in the way of your self-love? What other ways have you been able to overcome negative thoughts? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

Much love and good luck