Monthly Playlist | May: Bask In The Light

Happy first day of May! And Happy Music Monday!!

Monthly Playlist | May: Bask In The Sunlight | Original Caroline

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After a long, confusing and mostly frigid Winter, the month of May is a beacon of hope that life will once again return to normal in the form of fragrant flowers and Spring showers. As somber as the rain may sometimes seem, those days that drizzle on often prove to be the most introspective and creatively inviting. So, as you wash away the Polar Vortex and nasty weather of month’s past, let May seep in new waves of fresh inspiration!

And, when it arrives, it is brimming with the most fragrant and lush opportunity possible! It’s that glowing orb suspended up the branch. Your peach — your lilac blossom. To let it wilt away would be a waste. So, “gather ye rosebuds while ye may,” run with them and render them extraordinary! 

Kick back, take a deep breath and soak in the rays of relaxation days with this chill little batch of tracks to get you ready for Summer.

Dream on, dreamers.