Friday Favorites | Volume Three

We made it to the weekend, and you know what that means . . . A few days best spent lounging and indulging in fun activities. I have just the perfect finds to get you started this weekend, so keep scrolling to see what I’ve rounded up! I hope these Friday Favorites inspire you like they have inspired me this past week.

Friday Favorites | Volume Three

Favorite Home Makeover: Designer, entrepreneur and creative mom Aubrey Smith just gave her kitchen a complete makeover! And I’m obsessed. Smith told The Glitter Guide that she wanted her kitchen to be “something elegant, with a sophisticated twist.” I love how she took the common white-walls-brass-fixtures trend and mixed up the color with beautiful purple-gray cabinets. Well done, Aubrey! Be sure to look at the rest of her kitchen makeover!

Friday Favorites: Aubrey Smith Kitchen Makeover | Original Caroline

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The Art Of Making Friends As An Adult

Becoming an adult can be quite daunting and weird. Suddenly, you’re expected to be self-sufficient, have your shit together, and not eat cereal for dinner. Plus, you’re forced to figure out the totally weird predicament of making friends as an adult!

Now it seems like everyone has their social circles solidified and significant others locked down, and making friends is a lot trickier than hitting “accept” on Facebook. Your social life can meander if you don’t make it a priority.

The importance of friendship for our overall happiness is massive. Yet the idea of making new friends and meeting new people can feel like an overwhelmingly complex task. So for those of you who struggle to make friends and meet new people, this helpful guide will give you a breakdown of areas to tackle and hopefully help you realize just how easy making friends can be!

The Art Of Making Friends | Original Caroline

Use The Internet

People use dating sites to find potential partners, so it only seems logical to make friends in the same way! No, I don’t mean putting an ad on Craigslist., for example, allows you to connect with like-minded people wherever you live who share the same interests and are equally as keen to make new friends. Looking for new friends that share your love of yoga? Or maybe you want to find some buddies to play music with. Whatever your interest, it’s very likely someone’s already created a group for it. And if not, you can create your own! You can find meetups based around outings or activities, or purely social meetups like checking out a new bar or restaurant in the area.

My May resolution was to not only make time for friends, but to making friends and meeting new people. So I decided to give Meetup a try. I was pretty nervous to head out to the first one on my own, until I realized most other attendees were on their own as well! And attending a Meetup based around a certain activity that you’re interested in is perfect for breaking the ice by automatically giving you something to chat about.

Not only will you have a load of new connections, but also you are likely to learn something new and meet people who will offer you a whole new perspective from the friends you already have.

Approach People

The idea of walking up to a complete stranger can seem pretty intimidating, but one that’s almost always worth the effort! If you see a really cute guy at Barnes & Noble, you’re most likely racking your brain for topics to start up a conversation. So why not do the same when making friends?

It may sound weird, but pursuing friendships can be a lot like dating. You see someone that looks like they’d be fun to hang out with; maybe it’s the girl with the perfect beach-wavy hair in your yoga class. Or the super sweet cashier who always has the best hummus recommendations at Central Market. Spend some time building a rapport. Ask about how she styles her hair or share a funny story about your weekend. Compliments always go a long way, as long as they are sincere.

After you’ve struck up a few conversations, go in for the kill! Ask them on a friend date. Be confident and natural, like you’re approaching them because you think you’ll both get along well, not because you’re desperate for friends. If this sounds weird, imagine how you’d feel if a cool, self-assured person walked up to you and wanted to hang out. It’d be awesome! After all, who wouldn’t want to be friends with a beautiful, confident person such as yourself?

Find A Hobby

Finding and doing what makes you happy is important to your overall sense of well-being, so why not try to meet new people at the same time! Friendships develop effortlessly and more quickly when people have shared interest. And seeing each other regularly slows the transitioning from acquaintances to friends. Choose an activity that you enjoy and go sign up for a class. Even if you don’t make friends at first, you are still having a good time and keeping yourself engaged with the world.

Connect With Mutual Friends

Friends of friends are one of the best ways to connect with new people that are somewhat familiar. Of course, trying to make friends with a complete stranger can be a little awkward, but using a mutual friend can bypass this step. You know your friends to be good people that you have fun hanging out with, so it’s likely that their friends are also fun to hang out with. Tag along when a friend of yours is going out with people you don’t know to easily broaden your circle.

Be Persistent

If you meet someone that you really click with — call them, invite them out and make an effort. Again, bringing it back to dating — while we may not have the courage to actually do it, most of us know how to pursue a crush. You invite them to a concert featuring a band you know they love. You start reading books or watching the shows that they’re into. So just apply similar (but less romantic) tactics when making friends. Text the person asking them to lunch or a coffee date, and follow up with the afterwards to say you had a good time.

Be Honest

Setting aside your ego and being willing to let someone know who you really are is invaluable. Having a friend who can give it to you straight will help you know yourself better. And being able to reciprocate further challenges you to live with honesty, directness and integrity. There is no way to feel more connected to someone than to open yourself up to them.

Try To Be Your Authentic Self

This is a personal tip that I have found is incredibly important when it comes to making friends. When surrounded by new people it can be super tempting to try to be the person we think they want to see, or to mimic the behaviors of others so that we feel like we’re fitting in. However, the people you meet this way won’t be meeting the real you, and so it definitely isn’t the best way to make a meaningful or lasting connection.

Relationships built on phony facades and false build-ups are only as good as their foundation. Superficial friendships will only fizzle over time. So to achieve a solid friendship, you have to be yourself

Most Importantly, Make Yourself Happy

The happier you are, the more self-confident you will be — plus the more people will be drawn to your seriously good vibes. Wear the clothes that make you feel beautiful, not what’s currently trendy. Eat foods that nourish you as well as satisfy you. Fill your space with things you love and go to places that truly inspire you. Doing this will engender authenticity, curiousity and open-heartedness. You’ll start attracting the friends you want without feeling like you’re trying.

Get Out There & Do It!

Seriously. The more you put yourself out there in various groups and situations, the less intimidating it becomes.

+What are your tips for meeting new people and making friends as an adult?

9 Ways To Makeover Your Sunday So Monday Doesn’t Suck

When Sunday night rolls around, it’s hard not to experience that feeling of dread for Monday morning. And I’ve definitely noticed that if I have a fun and carefree weekend, the transition back into the structure of the work week can be a tough pill to sallow. You know the drill: It’s the weekend; you’re living the high-life — and then it suddenly hits you! ‘It’ being the Sunday-night-blues. After you’ve brunched your way to a food baby and frolicked all afternoon at the mall, Monday morning is still looming and it’s approaching fast!

I started asking myself: How can I make these glorious Sunday not suck so much? 

So in an effort to take back my Sundays, I embarked on a mission for how to set myself up for Monday morning success! Instead of lamenting the end of the weekend, why not use Sunday to improve the rest of your week!

Picking up good habits on Sundays can not only make your weekend better, but fill you with a sense of purpose. Keep scrolling for 9 power moves I’ve been incorporating into my Sunday routine.

9 Ways To Makeover Your Sunday | Original Caroline


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Friday Favorites | Volume Two

Friday has finally rolled around and I couldn’t be happier. Now that the weather has warmed up here in Dallas (for the most part), I can’t wait for the Summer roadtrips, days spent lounging around the pool and getting to have some fun with my wardrobe. I don’t usually post about fashion on here, but there are some amazing pieces out right now that I’m loving! From straw bags with colorful pom-poms to a pair of fun tassel earrings, this weather (and the weekend) makes me want to experiment with new styles.

Whatever your weekend has in store, start pulling out your Summer clothing — even just to run some quick errands — and scroll through this week’s Friday Favorites to find some new seasonal pieces!

(*This post contains affiliate links. Which basically means, if you click on or purchase something from this post, I have a chance of making a small commission — at no extra cost to you. That said, I never recommend anything I don’t personally use or find to be of value to my blog, and only refer to brands I trust and use.*)

Friday Favorites | Volume Two

Favorite Bag: There’s not many items that my younger-self coveted that I still find myself drawn to a decade later. There’s something about a straw bag — whether it’s a feminine clutch or brightly-colored tote — that exudes effortless chic like few accessories can. But when I was evaluating my Summer wardrobe this year, I realized that I have plenty of bathing suits, cover-ups and Summer dresses. However, the one thing that I am missing is a gorgeous seagrass tote bag! And if you haven’t noticed, straw totes are everywhere! So I jumped on the bandwagon and purchased the one below from Free People. They are definitely a huge Spring/Summer 2017 staple. Free People’s St. Bart’s Straw Tote, $58

Friday Favorites: St. Bart's Straw Tote from Free People | Original Caroline

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Friday Favorites | Volume One

Happy Friday my friends! Starting today, I’m going to close out the week by sharing a few of my favorite links. I’m a pretty big fan of Fridays, and there’s nothing like a little inspiration to jumpstart the weekend!

I hope you are inspired by these Friday Favorites for fun-filled weekend.

Keep scrolling to see today’s roundup and be sure to let me know what your weekly favorites were in the comments below!

(*This post contains affiliate links. Which basically means, if you click on or purchase something from this post, I have a chance of making a small commission — at no extra cost to you. That said, I never recommend anything I don’t personally use or find to be of value to my blog, and only refer to brands I trust and use.*)

Friday Favorites | Volume One

Favorite Reno: Leave it to Elsie of A Beautiful Mess to make me drool all over my laptop. Seriously, she’s like an interior designer fairy, and I want all of her magical dust! How freakin’ beautiful is this bathroom?! Check out the before/after here.

Friday Favorites: Elsie's Bathroom Reno | Original Caroline

Friday Favorites: Elsie's Bathroom Reno | Original Caroline

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Decorating Idea: Ways To Bring The ‘California Cool’ Vibes Into Your Home

Summer is just around the corner and for many of us, that means planning a much-needed vacay with some fun in the sun! But with everyone’s busy schedule and long to-do lists, actually getting out to the coast can seem like just a pipe dream. To feel the sun shining down on our skin and breathing in that refreshing salty air . . .

So if you can’t find the time to make it out to the coast, why not bring the coast to you!

When you think of California, the words casual, chill and totally laid-back come to mind. Surprisingly sophisticated and always inviting, rooms designed with that same mentality are some of my favorite. And the ‘California Cool’ vibe is definitely having a moment in 2017’s design world.

To help you snag that oh-so-popular Bohemian luxe aesthetic, I’ve broken down some key elements to incorporate into your home for instant Cali vibes. From colorful textiles to organic pieces of furniture, add some of these coastal twists to your home. Add the best part? You can pull off the look even if you’re hundreds of miles from a shoreline.

Decorating Ideas: Ways To Bring "California Cool" Vibes Into Your Home | Original Caroline

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The Lazy Girl’s Guide: To Living A Healthy Lifestyle

I get it — healthy behavior doesn’t always come naturally to everyone and it’s easy to beat yourself up about failing at certain diets or exercise regimens. I’ll be the first to admit, I’m not a naturally healthy person. I don’t not like fruits and veggies, I just like junk food more. Put french fries or Pop-Tarts in front of me and they are gone in a flash. And to this day, I still have trouble prioritizing my health and participating in self-care.

For me, health and wellness can be a bit of a struggle . . . It’s a lot of work and, if I’m going to be honest, I just get lazy about it! And if you’re anything like me, you’re constantly bookmarking health and wellness articles in the hopes of adapting better habits and routines. But you either never look at them again, or you try them once, maybe even twice, but they never stick.

In the spirit of wellness and self-care (and not making yourself feel terrible), here’s some simple everyday hacks I’ve adapted to make life a little bit healthier — and the lazy girl way (aka, my way) to do them!

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Monthly Goals: May

Well, hello lovelies! I hope your May is off to a great start so far. Here on the blog, with the start of a new month, also means a new monthly goal. And boy am I feeling good about this month’s goal!

In case this is your first time here, I decided to set myself a new goal at the beginning of each month for 2017 with the intention to uplift my body, mind, and soul in some way or another.

I feel like with one main goal, there’s more focus. They’re easier to commit to and each month offers a fresh new start (especially if the previous month didn’t go quite as planned . . . ). But just because a new month is up, doesn’t mean I forget about my goals from the months before!

Inspired by Gretchen Rubin’s The Happiness Project, I set one new resolution or goal for myself at the beginning of each month while continuing the goals I set from the months before.

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