Monthly Goals: February

One of the hardest things for me to remember is that I am my own provider of love and comfort.

My January goal was all about crafting the perfect morning routine as well as creating a nightly routine to prepare me for the following day (which will be posted in next month’s series). And although it wasn’t “perfect,” I now know how much time I need to get ready, what order I like to do each task, and how important a nightly routine is for a smooth sailing morning.

I’m also really happy I decided to just set one resolution per month; our minds don’t perform as well when we try to juggle five different things at once (especially if you’re as scatter-brained as I am!). And now with January coming to an end and February right around the corner, it’s time for a new goal.

So, without further ado, my goal for the month of love is . . .

to commit myself to 28 days of self-love! Each day, I’ll have a new post for what I feel will get me one step closer to real self-love. I am on a mission to spend the next 28 days learning how to truly love myself. Using every part of me to love and light myself up. Not with luxurious or superficial things that often fade, but with simple pleasures. Nurture myself with tenderness, tiny gestures and magical moments. Fall in love with myself and my life. Let myself be taken away with emotion. Practice finding joy in each moment and noticing the gifts in each situation. Try to look for the blessing in the lesson. Combat my stinking thinking. And throw myself into the beauty of it all!

And I want you to join me! This coming month may be all about self-love and learning to love yourself, but a girl needs her tribe of sisters to encourage her to keep on keeping on even when the going gets rough. So I hope that you can learn from my experience, but I also want to know about your journey of learning to love yourself. Maybe you’re already completely and totally in love with yourself, and you have amazing tips to share to help another out; there is always a story within you that can be beneficial for others.

The great thing about really learning how to love yourself and accept yourself completely is that your journey will be totally different than someone else’s because we all have many different ways to show ourselves love. The goal is not to see how well the other girl is doing, but to stay focused on how well you are doing on your own journey.

This month, start your own self-love conversation!

Learning To Love Yourself With 28 Days Of Self-Love

February Resolution | Learning To Love Yourself

What you can expect to see in this month’s posts.

01. Put Yourself First
02. Write Out What’s Working For You In Life
03. Create An Inspiration Board
04. Identify & Release Your Limiting Beliefs
05. Make Time For Your Passion
06. Find A ‘Self-Love Totem’ & Wear It Daily
07. Your Body Is A Temple
08. Stop The Comparisons
09. Start Using Affirmations
10. Make Any Over Due Appointments
11. De-Clutter Your Closet
12. Make Your Bedroom A Sacred Space
13. Galentine’s Day: Build Up Your Sister Tribe
14. Write Out Attribute For Your Ideal Partner
15. End That Toxic Friendship
16. Give Up The Need For Approval
17. Go Somewhere You’ve Always Wanted To Go
18. Step Outside Of Your Comfort Zone
19. Find Self-Love Through Food
20. Be Mindful Of Negative Thoughts & False Feelings
21. Set Out On Learning A New Skill
22. Create A Nightly Routine Filled With Love
23. Be Productive Even On Your Day Off
24. Break Up With Your Excuses
25. Keep Track Of Your Expenses & Set A Budget
26. Forgive Yourself
27. Write Out Your Personal Mission Statement
28. Learn To Let Go

Phew! Get ready to invite some transformation into your life.

These next 28-days I want you to realize how worthy and lovable you really are. I want to show you that everything you could ever want is already inside. And I want to be there with you, side by side, as your journey through the ups and downs of learning to love yourself.

Oh, and I’d love to see all the exciting accomplishments you’ll be doing throughout next month, so be sure to post your journey on Instagram with the hashtag #OCSelfLoveChallenge

Much love & good luck