Make Time For Your Passion

To know your passion you need to know yourself better. You may love painting, or dancing, or teaching. Whatever you love to do most, make time for your passion!

Hopefully you’ve spent a little time figuring out what’s working for you and identifying your limiting beliefs in order to overcome them. Each day you are getting one step closer to self-love! Give yourself a pat on the back and a big huzzah!

Now I advise you to spend the day soaking everything in. Put yourself first and make time for what you’re truly passionate about.

Make Time For Your Passion

Spend The Next 24-Hours On Your Passion

Day after day, you work from 9-5 at a job you no longer enjoy. Or you spend your nights serving drink after drink to ungrateful people, ignorant of the fact that you’ve been working your ass off for the past 4 hours. All you want to do is relax and nap during the hours your off. But when’s the last time you made time for you passion?

Use this Sunday to rejuvenate and make time for your passion. Make time for YOU!


Grab your paints, a brush and a $5 canvas at Michael’s or Joanne’s (or even printer paper) and get your Van Gogh on! Mix new colors, create different designs, and tap into your imagination. You may end up making something really cool that you can hang up in your home. And if you don’t, that’s cool, too. Just get going.


Put on your favorite tunes and let them inspire your inner Joni Mitchell (or T-Swift, whatever you’re in to). Pick up the guitar and let the music inspire your own melody.

Make Time For Your Passion


There’s a great story within you that is dying to come to life.  Take out your laptop, open a blank document and get to it. Maybe start dedicating your Sundays to update your journal. Or put pen to paper the old fashion way. Set aside a few hours to work on the awesome novel idea you’ve had for years.


Ask your sister or friend if you can use them as a guinea pig. Maybe start looking into a cosmetology school you could apply to.

Whatever your passion is, I’m challenging you to clear your schedule and make time for your passion. You work your butt off 99% of the time. Use this 1% for yourself. You deserve it!

+What will you do today to connect with your passion? Let me know how your passion-filled Sunday went in the comments below.

Much love & good luck.