9 Ways To Build Your Tribe

If 2016 taught us anything, it’s to power up your girl squad. We’re all familiar with the term by now. A quick search on Google will lead you to Taylor Swift’s Instagram photos with an envy-worthy group filled with celebrity darlings, each one of them inspirational in their own way.

Maybe you’ve heard of #squadgoals (of course you have). It started floating around the Internet when T-Swift released the music video for her song ‘Bad Blood.’ Best pals Selena Gomez, Gigi Hadid, Cara Delevingne and Karlie Kloss all made an appearance, showing the world that when Taylor calls, the squad comes running.

The truth of the matter is, you need a few rock solid ladies by your side. No matter how much you consider yourself ‘independent,’ there’s nothing better than a group of badass women who’ve got your back. Plus, having that undeniable bond is what fills our lives with love, happiness, and unforgettably crazy memories.

You don’t need famous models, actresses or singers to make your squad rock. All you need is a couple of gals (or guys!) that are completely loyal to you, and you to them.

So, what exactly do you look for when build your own squad?  Here are some great squad goals to aspire to:

Build Your Tribe

Self-Love Challenge | Build Your Own Squad

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Mix The Old With The New

Don’t just focus on making a whole new squad and let your original besties fall to the way side! There is forever a special place in your heart for the friends that knew you pimply and hormonally wrecked as a teen, the friends who stayed up until midnight for Harry Potter book releases with you. The ones who still have pictures of that horrible sailboat romper you earnestly tried to ‘make happen’ in the summer of 2008. That kind of bond transcends squad-ing.

Support, Don’t Compete

The best of friends don’t compete with each other. Instead, they support one another and lift each up! Surround yourself with smart, beautiful, passionate, driven ambitious ladies. Other women who are killin’ it! Be motivated and inspired by your besties rather than threatened. Support your friends wholeheartedly.

Be Your Own Weird Self

Once you start to focus on you and your happiness, your friends will start to accumulate. People are drawn to others with a strong sense of self, and the more you own it, the happier you will be in your friendships.

Self-Love Challenge | Build Your Own Squad

You Still Make Time For Sleepovers

No matter what your age, a girl needs a squad sleepover every once in a while.

Find Friends With Different Interests

Different makes the world go ’round. Your first inclination will to be surround yourself with people just like you, but diversity in your friends will enlarge your scope as a human. Reach beyond of your job. We have a tendency to hang out with people we work with or people who work the same way we do. It makes sense. Your first assignment is to befriend someone in an entirely different profession.

Self-Love Challenge | Build Your Own Squad

Ride or Die

You would definitely do anything for your squad, and they would return the favor. No matter how crazy the idea is, you’re right there, side-by-side, in any situation!

Create A Creative Hub

While reaching outside of your regular circle, consider how you and your friends might inspire each other. Acquiring friends with different skill sets opens the door to collaborative projects and the best kind of brainstorming.

Look For What You Aspire To Be

There are certain things we want for ourselves. Like, I’d love to be more versed in wine or really into hiking. Seeking out friends who bring your own desires to life will give you something to bond over and something to teach each other. We all love something to rally around; let that something be you. You can be the orchestrator of this dream team. Take it upon yourself not only to make friends for yourself, but also for the group as a whole. Consider the fact that bringing someone new into the fold isn’t just for you own behalf. Link up like-minded ladies and watch the magic happen around you!

There’s No Secrets

If something is going down, you know about it.

Through think and thin, your squad will be there for you ’til the end.

+What is the criteria when you build your own squad? Leave your thoughts below in the comments! And don’t forget to post a pic of your squad for Galentine’s Day with the hashtag #OCSelfLoveChallenge. And of, #squadgoals! I can’t wait to see your beautiful girl gang ^_^