Welcoming Spring & The Art Of Setting Intentions

Winter’s shadow is moving on and Spring is about to, well . . . SPRING! But even as the the weather begins to warm up and the days grow longer, there might still be a bit of heaviness hanging around.

As we start welcoming the new season, it’s okay to acknowledge the darkness of Winter. However, try shifting your perspective and see the weariness of season’s past as a way for making your soul more fertile for new beginnings.

Spring naturally brings about feelings of newness — it’s a fresh start; a rebirth. I personally experience these feelings more strongly now than I do at the start of a new year. I always feel like the intentions I set right before Spring are like magic seeds, planted in fertile soil just waiting to blossom. That’s why I’m setting myself some new intentions this season — a few small shifts in the way I live that I feel will better myself in more ways than one.

Intentions are not goals. Goals put pressure on us and have an external outcome. Intentions align us with our purpose; they are a state of being. They are the core and the magic of all our dreams and goals. In other words, we may have the intent to be more peaceful, grateful, joyous, successful, or something along those lines. Our intentions are our high ideals and are usually the root of our motivation for any specific goal. We set our goals because of what we believe we’ll experience by having them in our lives.

If you’re looking to do the same, use this guide for any intentions you may want to set for the brand new season!

Welcoming Spring & How To Set Intentions | OriginalCaroline

How To Set Good Intentions For Spring

Dig Deep

Use your feelings as a compass when your crafting your own intentions. Connect with the elements of your life that are most significant to you and bring you the most joy and energy. What fills you with passion and provides you with a sense of purpose? Take some time to decide what really matters to you. 

Our values drive the actions in our lives, and recognizing what they are will help us to find fulfillment. The is where the power of intention lies. By starting with you intentions (instead of making a new goal on a whim), you get right to the source of what you truly want. So think about at least three things that you desire most in your life.

When our intentions are created based on what we want most and how we want to feel, we start to align with our purpose (and that’s when things really start to bloom). It’s also important to clarify why you have a particular desire; what’s the outcome you hope for? With each new intention, your subconscious will direct you toward  fulfilling it.

Write It Down

Once you can clearly visualize your desires, write them down! When you write out your intentions, you make them real — you give them power. (Jotting ’em down quickly on a sticky does not count.) Make this a sacred and loving practice. Light some candles, play some mellow music and get comfortable.

Make sure what you write is affirmative and empowering. For example, instead of “I want to find peace,” try something like “I want to be deeply and completely at peace within, always and in all ways.” Be specific and clear about how you want to feel, as the universe only brings us exactly what we ask for.

To take it a step further, create a word or phrase that sums up your intentions and use this as daily reminder. Meditate on your intentions, or just doing a simple breathing exercise and mindfully saying your intentions will help your brain integrate them into action.

Share It

Share your intentions with a close friend who is supportive and can hold you accountable to take action. If you’re feeling brave enough, post your intentions on Facebook or Twitter and share them with the world!

When you feel supported, you feel empowered and confident. You never know who is out there to help you manifest your dreams. Plus, your action just might empower someone else to take action with their own life.

Let Go & Trust

You’ve planted the seeds of intention into your awareness; now it’s time to let go! Decide, right here and now, to let go and love the process of moving into the direction of your dreams. You must have faith that, once your intentions are clearly set and expressed to the universe, they have been heard and will soon be manifested. But only if you act on the guidance received.

Decide right here and now to let go and love the process of moving into the direction of your dreams. Don’t listen to the voice that says you have to be in control. Stay centered and refuse to be influenced by other people’s (or your own) doubts and. You’re intentions have been planted into the fertile ground of potentiality and they will bloom when the time right.

Let go of your need for control and trust that the universe has your back. Your only job is to listen to your inner voice and learn to trust yourself as well as the universe. You will be provided with the resources, people, opportunities and experiences needed to manifest that which you desire.

Review & Repeat

Review your visions on the daily (at least monthly). Any time you want to set yourself a new goal, make sure to create an intention along with it. If anything in your vision feels off, too small or just not quite right, fix it! Your intentions are living, breathing things, just like you. As you change, so will your intentions. Be sure to adjust them to account for all that you’ve already accomplished.

Don’t let your intentions go unnourished! Develop a spiritual ritual for yourself — maybe a morning meditation, yoga practice or a walk around the neighborhood. Use this time to count your blessings and align with your desires.

Now is the best time to plant the seeds of your intentions, for Mother Earth is poised and ready to support you!

Your Turn!

  1. What are you truly passionate about? What do you want to cultivate more of in your life?
  2. What is going right in your life? What seems to be working well?
  3. What is not going right, and where can you make some positive changes?

Based on the questions above, write a brief paragraph on what you can change in your daily life to make the Spring (and your life) more fulfilling. Make a list of action steps to help you create these changes that will lead you to greater fulfillment.

The most important thing to remember is this: Attention goes where energy flows. You won’t give any attention to something unless you have an intention in place. Your intention is the underlying purpose for where you are placing your attention. 

+So what is ready to blossom in your life? I’d love to hear the intentions you set for yourself. Leave ’em in the comments below!

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