11 Tricks To Boost Your Energy At Work & Fake A Good Night’s Sleep

11 Tricks To Boost Your Energy & Fake A Good Night's Sleep - Original Caroline
image: Inspired By This

We’ve all had those mornings where we keep hitting the snooze button to the last possible moment. Between work, parties, vacation and Netflix binges, life can get in the way of a solid night’s sleep — albeit willingly — and come morning, you’re greeted with a face that looks the exact opposite of fresh. 

Aside from hearing the dreaded, “You look tired,” all day long, you’re two seconds away from dozing off — despite the fact that your desk chair is ridiculously uncomfortable. And even if you did get the recommended eight hours of sleep, we all experience an energy dip at some point throughout the day.

So to disguise that you did anything but sleep the night before and don’t have the delicacy of taking a nap at work, here are a few tricks that will help you look more awake and instantly boost your energy!

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8 Beauty Products I Keep At My Desk

Any working girl knows the importance of looking and feeling her best in the office. But keeping up appearances at work isn’t always easy . . . You might feel polished and fresh-faced at 9 a.m., but by noon, a quick look in the mirror indicates that your mascara has traveled halfway down your face and your foundation is looking a bit faded. And while your desk drawers are fully supplied with pens and post-it notes, those don’t really help when you’re having a makeup meltdown! Whether you keep a stash of beauty products in a drawer or your purse, it’s essentials to have some beauty basics within arm’s reach for mid-day touch-ups or unexpected after-work plans.

So in an effort to help you look your best around the clock, I’m sharing the eight beauty products I always keep at my desk. They help me feeling gorgeous, confident and ready for any challenges the day might bring.

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16 New Indie Beauty Launches To Add To Your Wishlist

There’s something super gratifying about discovering an indie hit before it gets big. And the same can be said for beauty brands. You may not even realize it, but we’re living in the Golden Age of indie beauty. Stores like Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, REVOLVE, Target and Free People have even started to diversify their beauty offerings on up-and-coming brands that consumers won’t be able to find elsewhere.

As the industry-wide desire for more natural-yet-effective products grows, new indie beauty brands have been popping up all over. Even better, there’s an incredible amount of these indie beauty brands that are cruelty-free, gluten-free and vegan. It’s a new frontier in beauty, and I’m pretty into it! Would you agree?

These sixteen culty new (and new-ish) products may not have total name recognition just yet, but you should definitely get yourself acquainted with them before everyone else does! Admit it: You kind of delight in discovering cool shit before it’s all over the place. (Don’t worry, so do I!) Get ready to make some room in your makeup bag!

16 New Indie Beauty Launches To Add To Your Wishlist - Original Caroline
image: From Roses

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17 Beach Bag Essentials

Hello Sunshine!

White sands, crashing waves and sunny rays . . . It’s beach season, my friends! But along with all the magical things the beach has to offer, there’s also painful sunburns, flaking lip and knotted hair. For as gorgeous and fun as a day at the beach can be, it’s often followed by a slew of bodily woes at the hands of the elements you were enjoying just a few hours before. So I’m making sure my beach bag is fully prepped with everything I need for a (chic) day in the sun!

Whether you’re heading out to the beach for some surf and sand, enjoying a relaxing day lounging out by the pool or spending the weekend out on the lake, these items will have you covered for all your Summer fun! Check out my 17 functional and affordable beach bag must-haves.

17 Beach Bag Essentials | Original Caroline

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How To Lighten Up Your Summer Beauty Routine

Summer is slowly casting its glowing warmth over the planet and it won’t be long until it takes over with days full of sunshine and good vibes! With the start of a new season, I like to make a few tweaks to both my skincare routine and my beauty routine. And now that the heat and humidity are getting stronger, it only felt natural to lighten up on my makeup.

While I enjoy spending time out in the sun and getting a nice tan, I’m not too fond of the makeup meltdowns that come with the heat. Even if you’ve used a steadfast primer and diligently dusted on a layer of setting powder, you know that you’re still taking a gamble when you face off against summer’s steamy temps. High humidity, sweat and stagnant air are all enough to dislodge even the most resistant makeup. (You know this if you’ve ever stepped outside in 100 degree weather only to realize a few minutes late you’re in a pool of perspiration with a melted face.) This hellish cycle is enough to make you want to ditch makeup altogether!

I’m here to tell you that abstinence isn’t the only option. If you strategically stock your makeup bag with the right products, you’re face will be on point from dusk to dawn! From weightless foundations to airy fragrances, keep scrolling through to see how I lightened up my Summer beauty routine.

Freshen Up Your Summer Beauty Routine | Original Caroline


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9+ Products to Freshen Up Your Summer Skincare Routine

Summer is just a few days away which means days spent lounging by the pool, outdoor adventures and vacays to the beach! You’ve spent all Spring transitioning from flannels, sweaters and cold weather to tank tops, shorts, and warmer days filled with heat and humidity. But your wardrobe isn’t the only thing you should be switching up . . . Your Summer skincare routine needs to freshening up as well! No, it is not necessary to change every single item. A few adjustments and you’ll be showing off glowing, flawless skin all season long.

Sure, Summer is practically made for kicking back and relaxing. But it’s definitely not a time to slack off on your skincare routine. And as much as I love a sun-kissed glow, I also care about the health of my skin and the products that I use. Clean and clear skin is the first step toward having an overall healthy looking glow that so many of us crave. And while makeup can definitely help, without a good canvas to start on, makeup can only do so much.

Taking care of your skin can be quite the challenge: What do all those products do? How often should you use them? How do you pick what is best for you? Here’s my breakdown of some key products you totally need this Summer + how to use them correctly so you can keep your skin fresh, protected and glowing all Summer long! From weightless sunscreens to hydrating mists, scroll through for all the ways to freshen up your Summer skincare routine.

Freshen Up Your Summer Skincare Routine | Original Caroline

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