Friday Favorites | Volume Five

Happy Friday, y’all! We’ve reached the end of another week and the number of finds that caught my eye recently definitely did not disappoint. In case you missed my June Goals post, I’m using this month to straighten up my bedroom/bathroom. So in the midst of decluttering and reorganizing, I’ve been sifting through some inspiration all week long for how I want my room to look, how I want it to feel, decor pieces and color schemes. Take a look at some of my favorite finds and hopefully inspire you to make your bedroom a sanctuary.

Friday Favorites | Volume Five

Favorite Bedroom Inspiration: Emily Henderson is an interior design goddess. No matter what style she’s going for, I always love what she comes up with. So when she teamed up with The Citizenry for a One Bedroom Four Ways challenge, I had a pretty hard time choosing which one was my fave. From modern coastal vibes to some minimal southwestern flair, each design is perfect in its own way. Which room do you like the most?

Friday Favorites: Modern Beachy Bedroom from Emily Henderson X The Citizenry | Original Caroline

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3 Ways To Adjust To the Time Change & Get Your Sleep Schedule Back On Track

Aside from on night less of sleep, Daylight Savings is far more exciting than it is unfortunate – bringing with it grilling out with fam and friends during the week, and late night pool parties on the weekends. There’s so much to look forward to with the time change! I think a few of us can agree it’s worth it to lose an hour of sleep and gain some fun in the sun.

As much as I prefer the sun going down late in the day, losing that precious hour of sleep can throw us way off. One hour may not seem like much, but even this minor disruption can mess with our circadian rhythm (turns out our bodies are made to sleep according to the sun’s movements and not man-made clocks . . . go figure), resulting in fewer Zs. It can take up to a week for our bodies to adjust to the time change, according to Harvard Health. And with that, we can become irritable and have a complete lack of focus.

This adjustment period demands some serious coping skills to not feel like you’ve fallen into a deep hole of Mercury Retrograde! So to help you get some good-quality slumber, read up on these tips on how to maximize sleep quality to wake up with more of a spring in your step!

To make a seamless transition into the savings of daylight, adhere to the following tips.

3 Ways To Get Your Sleep Schedule Back On Track

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9 Ways To Make Your Bedroom A Sanctuary

Is your bedroom your happy place? If the answer is no, let’s work on making that happen. Why? Sleep is absolutely vital for optimal health. Your bedroom should be your sanctuary — a getaway from the stresses of your day. Besides a soft spot to lay your head, what is it that a bedroom needs to keep you coming back for more?

Read 7 tips that lead to bedtime enlightenment and turn your bedroom into your new sanctuary.
Self-Love Challenge | Make Your Bedroom A Santuary

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