How To Budget Your Money Like An Adult – The Millennial’s 6-Step Guide To Not Going Broke

“How confident do you feel about your financial future?” Since just the thought of that question makes me feel a little uneasy, I’d say not very confident. Every time I read an article telling me how vital it is to budget your money or to build an emergency fund, I get a pang of guilt. And I’m not the only one with avoidance issues. 

Research suggests that while 60% of women worry they won’t have enough money to last through retirement, only one in three Americans have a detailed budget. But let’s be honest: Setting up a budget and monitoring our spending habits can be tough. We fear a budget will be restrictive and time-consuming to plan out, so it ends up on our to-do list for tomorrow, day after day. But

However, when done right, setting up a budget and getting control over your money can feel super empowering and can help you reach your financial goals with ease. Taking the time to find a budget that works for you can even help you plan for the occasional splurge (guilt-free)!

To quote My Domaine’s lifestyle editor Sophie Miura, “Drafting a budget is like going to a gym class after vacation: You know it’s going to be tough, it might make you feel a bit guilty, but it’s always worth it in the long run.” 

If you’re one of the 92% of women who want to learn more about financial planning, it’s time to get your finances on track. Here’s a simple step-by-step guide — consider it a money map. Your new financial future starts here.

How To Budget Your Money Like An Adult - Original Caroline
image: The Sweetest Thing

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Monthly Goals: July

Holy crow! How is it already July?! I guess it really is true what they say . . . “Time flies when you’re having fun!” And last month I was definitely having some fun. Father’s Day was spent with close friends and family chilling out by the pool and eating delicious home cooked food. I’m finally starting to check off books from my Summer reading list. I’ve been spending a lot of time with the people I care most about. And I made some major changes in my bedroom and bathroom for the start of the new season. All in all, June was a pretty good month.

In case this is your first time here, I decided to set myself a new goal at the beginning of each month for 2017 with the intention to uplift my body, mind and soul in some way or another. But instead of setting multiple goals, I only set one main goal with a list of action steps.

I feel like with one main goal, there’s more focus. They’re easier to commit to and each month offers a fresh new start (especially if the previous month didn’t go quite like I planned). The more time I spend focusing on myself and checking in with what I need in my life, the more I realize that monthly goals are great! But just because a new month is starting, doesn’t mean I forget about my goals from the months before.

Inspired by Gretchen Rubin’s The Happiness Project, I set one new goal or intention for myself at the beginning of each month while continuing the goals I set from the previous months.

Monthly Goals: July | Original Caroline

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How To Set A Budget & Stick To It Using Spiritual Principles

Does your paycheck disappear into an abyss of Chai tea lattes and online shopping, just days after you deposit it? It’s not exactly a mystery: If you don’t predetermine where your money is going, your impulses will decide for you.

I’ve never been one to pay attention to where my money is going. So, it’s no fun when I check my bank account and see that I only have $20 in my account three days before pay day (I get paid weekly mind you). I’m someone who, as soon as I have extra money in the bank, I’m just looking for ways to spend it. Living a comfortable life in the future is something that’s important to me, but it seems so far out of reach when there’s no structure in place.

It’s not that I have a bad relationship with money. I just have no relationship with money. Bank statements arrive in the mail, and I toss ’em directly into the trash. But as I’m nearing 25 years of age and living life paycheck-to-paycheck, it’s clear that I need to create a whole new relationship with my money. One with a little more mindfulness.

As of late, there has been an awakening where more and more people are open to trying spiritual practices in order to improve their lives. Whether it’s saying affirmations, morning meditation or just believing in the law of attraction, spirituality is not as taboo as it once was. But when it comes to our finances, can we use these same principles to help us better manage our money?

I say yes! And that’s how I plan to tackle this money issue once and for all. With the following four spiritual practices, I plan to set a budget for myself and actually stick to it!

Self-Love Challenge | How To Set A Budget & Actually Stick To It

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