Monthly Goals: June

Happy June, beautiful people! I do hope you’re first week of June really kicked off the Summer season with a bang! And with a new month, that means a new round of monthly goals to get in the right head space. 

In case this is your first time here, I decided to set myself a new goal at the beginning of each month for 2017 with the intention to uplift my body, mind and soul in some way or another. But instead of setting multiple goals, I only set one main goal with a list of action steps.

I feel like with one main goal, there’s more focus. They’re easier to commit to and each month offers a fresh new start (especially if the previous month didn’t go quite like I planned . . . ). But just because a new month is starting, doesn’t mean I forget about my goals from the months before.

Inspired by Gretchen Rubin’s The Happiness Project, I set one new goal or intention for myself at the beginning of each month while continuing the goals I set from the previous months.

June Resolution | Original Caroline

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How To Prepare Yourself For Spring Cleaning

It’s that time of year again . . . Time to declutter, reorganize and finally stop hoarding all those magazines. ūüôā I love a good Spring Cleaning and relish in the opportunity to organize,¬†cleanse and ultimately come back to my priorities (that have wavered during the colder months). But as so many of us have probably experienced, Spring Cleaning is a slow and often tedious process that can easily become overwhelming.

If I allowed myself, I could easily stand in the middle of my house and feel completely overwhelmed by the tasks ahead. I often have this desire to get everything organized and clean in one day. But, if past cleaning experiences are anything to go by, I know that leaping right in and going a million miles a minute only leads to exhaustion and, subsequently, disinterest.

That’s why I’ve decided to approach this year’s Spring Cleaning realistically and a little methodically. Plan it out, take it slow and apply complete¬†mindfulness to the task at hand.

The concept of¬†clutter¬†is somewhat intriguing, and in preparation for my own Spring Cleaning scutwork, I’ve been reading up on the subject. Basically,¬†clutter harbors dull, lifeless, draining energy which, once cleared, gives you more inspiration, motivation, and optimism.¬†

So then why does clearing clutter seem so¬†overwhelming¬†to many of us? Because the simple act of looking at it is draining in itself! Dealing with clutter and clearing it out takes a little self-motivation. But once you start, you quickly realize how¬†satisfying¬†the process can be! Hence, you gain more energy to keep going. It’s also a fantastic way to deal with stress and anxiety¬†‚ÄĒ getting rid of the stuff that’s weighing you down.

To give you the motivation you need, here are seven key steps to successful Spring Cleaning.

How To Prepare Yourself For Spring Cleaning | Original Caroline

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