6 Steps For Storing Your Summer Clothes The Right Way

Fall is officially here (yay!). The air is crisp, the leaves are changing colors, and you’re sooo ready to start adding new pieces to your Fall wardrobe! But before you add any more booties and scarves, it’s a good idea to give your warm weather wardrobe pieces a proper goodbye first. Yes, the time has come to stow away our gauzy sundresses and make room for all our Fall fashion essentials. While it’s not rocket science, there’s a lot more to storing your Summer clothes than just simply tucking them away. 

The truth is, dumping our crop tops and bikinis into a box and kicking them under the bed for six to nine months can wreak havoc on our beloved Summer pieces . . . Moths, permanently set wrinkles, sun damage and even mold (yikes!). 

Luckily, you can avoid all that mess with just a few simple and quick tasks. Sit back, grab a notebook and pen, and start taking notes. Keep reading for six tips on properly storing your Summer clothes. 

6 Steps To Storing Your Summer Clothes The Right Way - Original Caroline
image: Avenue Lifestyle

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8 Steps To Overcome Impulse Buying

I’m not addicted to shopping. At least, that’s what I tell myself and those who question my shopping habits. Yes, I buy multiple items every week and yes, I am also aware of the ridiculous amount of clothing that piles up (most of which I only wore in the few short weeks after buying it, once, or never at all). It’s not like I’m buying things because I want more clothes for the sake of it. It’s just, with each piece I carry along to the register, I feel this feeling of this is the one. This is going to change things. This is going to make me different.

But this month, in an effort to build a budget I can actually stick to, I realized the way out of all my impulse buys isn’t changing my spending habits; it’s in changing my entire approach to personal style!

And why exactly is this so important? The impact of personal style goes far beyond making a good first impression; great style is more about approaching each day with confidence, and the ability to feel legitimately beautiful in what we are wearing. Believe it or not, the right wardrobe can make a difference in our confidence.

In terms of your wardrobe, I want you to really know what you like, understand what looks good on you, and how to shop for what fits your style so that when you find the right piece to add to your closet you exclaim, “This is so me!” Whether you shop every week or just feel that urge to buy new clothes every time there’s an upcoming event you’re attending, your buying habits aren’t necessarily the root of the problem. Your personal style is.

Finding (and refining) your personal style can be a struggle. I’ve been there so many times, as I gaze into my closet full of clothes and come to that dreadful realization of “I’ve got a closet full of clothes with nothing to wear.”

Steps To Overcome Shopping Addiction | Original Caroline

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How To De-Clutter & Organize Your Closet

Sometimes I wish I was a fashionista; keeping up with the latest trends and looking stylish every time I walked out the door. I enjoy looking up outfit ideas on Pinterest and like to shop to inspire myself . But . . . most of what I buy ends up staying on a hanger and slowly makes its way to the back of the closet for the rest of eternity, never to be seen again.

The problem is: My closet keeps get more stuffed with an unhealthy ‘diet’ of shopping without clarity. I’m that person with a closet full of ‘cute’ clothes, and end up saying every morning, “I have nothing to wear.” I end up wearing the same black leggings on the floor from yesterday along with my favorite slouchy (and worn out) tee.

Most days, when I walk into my closet, this little voice starts in: “Nothing is going to look good, why bother! You’re just going to wear the same thing you always do.” This inner chatter goes on for a minute, and I inevitably go for the same black leggings and slouchy tee.

I want to wear outfits I won’t question with total confidence. I don’t want to be out midday have an insecure “I just wanna go home and change” moment. So, I don’t risk it. Yet, back at home, there are all of these clothes just sitting there, collecting dust.

Behind every stylish, successful, confident woman is a well-organized closet. Presentation is key  – the outfit choices we make in the morning can definitely factor into how confident we feel in the office later on. And a curated wardrobe needs a closet to match. But if our heads fill up with negative chatter every time we open our closet, how could we possibly love ourselves?

Today, I challenge you to dedicate a few hours to your closet space so that it perfectly houses your amazing style.

Self-Love Challenge | Declutter and Reorganize Your Closet

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