11 Tricks To Boost Your Energy At Work & Fake A Good Night’s Sleep

11 Tricks To Boost Your Energy & Fake A Good Night's Sleep - Original Caroline
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We’ve all had those mornings where we keep hitting the snooze button to the last possible moment. Between work, parties, vacation and Netflix binges, life can get in the way of a solid night’s sleep — albeit willingly — and come morning, you’re greeted with a face that looks the exact opposite of fresh. 

Aside from hearing the dreaded, “You look tired,” all day long, you’re two seconds away from dozing off — despite the fact that your desk chair is ridiculously uncomfortable. And even if you did get the recommended eight hours of sleep, we all experience an energy dip at some point throughout the day.

So to disguise that you did anything but sleep the night before and don’t have the delicacy of taking a nap at work, here are a few tricks that will help you look more awake and instantly boost your energy!

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How To Update Your Skincare Routine For Fall

Your skincare routine is a lot like your wardrobe: A couple of times a year, you need to switch out the pieces that don’t fit for that particular season. So as you start incorporating your beloved leather moto jacket and corduroy jeans, don’t forget to switch things up with your skincare routine as well!

A change of season typically means a change in the way skin behaves, often resulting in dryness, breakouts, and a general lackluster appearance,” says celebrity aesthetician Renee Rouleau. And while she says you don’t have to do a complete overhaul of your skincare routine, “some minor tweaks [are necessary] to ensure that skins stays healthy during this seasonal change.”

So to make sure your transition is flawless, here a few tips for transitioning your beauty regimen from the late Summer heat to crisp Autumn chill.

How To Update Your Fall Skincare Routine - Original Caroline
image: Pretty Little Fawn

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16 New Indie Beauty Launches To Add To Your Wishlist

There’s something super gratifying about discovering an indie hit before it gets big. And the same can be said for beauty brands. You may not even realize it, but we’re living in the Golden Age of indie beauty. Stores like Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, REVOLVE, Target and Free People have even started to diversify their beauty offerings on up-and-coming brands that consumers won’t be able to find elsewhere.

As the industry-wide desire for more natural-yet-effective products grows, new indie beauty brands have been popping up all over. Even better, there’s an incredible amount of these indie beauty brands that are cruelty-free, gluten-free and vegan. It’s a new frontier in beauty, and I’m pretty into it! Would you agree?

These sixteen culty new (and new-ish) products may not have total name recognition just yet, but you should definitely get yourself acquainted with them before everyone else does! Admit it: You kind of delight in discovering cool shit before it’s all over the place. (Don’t worry, so do I!) Get ready to make some room in your makeup bag!

16 New Indie Beauty Launches To Add To Your Wishlist - Original Caroline
image: From Roses

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The 10 Best Face Mists For Every Occasion

You may think it’s an unnecessary or superfluous step in your skincare routine, but facial mists are definitely having a moment right now — and for good reason! If you have yet to jump on the facial mist train, you’re definitely missing out.

According to NYC-based Holistic Esthetician Stephanie Lauren Brown, “ideally, [using a face mist right after cleansing] will do three things: Stop any residual cleanser left on your face from overdrying your skin, balance the pH levels of your skin . . . so that it’s neutral and can effectively absorb all the expensive products you’re using, and finally, when mixed with oil or serum, the water/mist molecules get trapped in the skin, which creates an effectively hydrated skin situation.”

So after cleansing, make sure to mist. And while you’re at it, mist again after applying you’re makeup. And again at lunch time. And again, once you hit the mid-afternoon slump. Basically, mist anytime ya dang well please to instantly refresh your senses.

Scroll through for the best formulas that help seal in moisture, tone down redness, set your makeup and feel absolutely amazing on a hot day.

The 10 Best Face Mists For Every Occasion | Original Caroline

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