6 Easy Ways To Ease The Transition From Vacation To Everyday Life

6 Easy Ways To Transition From Vacation To Every Day Life - Original Caroline

We all know that feeling . . . similar to the “Sunday scaries,” but worse. The dreaded return from Summer vacation. How quickly we go from sipping cocktails at the beach to worrying about unread emails and unfolded laundry. Prepping to go away often means taking on extra work to compensate for the time you’ll be gone. And coming home can ruin any zen you may have gained. However, planning ahead can make for a much smoother, happier transition back to real life!

So here’s some simple ways to make the transition back from vacation easy and, dare I say it, maybe even relaxing. Read on for six tips on how to keep that vacation glow.

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How To Get A Great Night’s Sleep On Those Hot Summer Nights

We’ve all been there — tossing and turning in bed all night, struggling to fall asleep because the heat has us glued to our sheets! Once the temperatures rise, a great night’s sleep can feel pretty elusive. And there are few things worse than trying to catch some shut-eye in an incredibly hot and sticky bedroom.

Before we dive into bed, we realize the obvious solution for a cool, REM-ful slumber is to crank up the AC. But apart from being expensive and environmentally unfriendly, sometimes our AC units can stop working out of nowhere. So how’s an environmentally responsible, budget conscious sleeping beauty supposed to keep when it’s 100-degrees out!

Luckily for you, our AC has gone out a few times this Summer (which is what inspired this post). And in my desperation for a good night’s sleep, I found a few tricks to keep cool without dying of heat. AC unit or not, here’s a few tips to give your bedroom a warm-weather makeover that can mean the difference between a sleepless night in a borderline sauna and some blissful Z’s.

How To Get A Great Night’s Sleep on Those Hot Summer Nights

How To Get A Great Night's Sleep On Those Hot Summer Nights - Original Caroline

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How To Boost Your Productivity This Summer

The sun is shining, your Facebook and Insta feed are filled with vacation shots, and sadly, you are stuck at work. As the days grow longer, it’s only natural to daydream of all the places you wish to visit this Summer. Unfortunately, adulting is a year-round thing which can be a challenge in the warmer months, especially with three-day weekends and your various co-workers coming back from vacation with sun-kissed glows. Though it’s tempting to slack off, read these tips for staying focused and motivated when you feel really (really) distracted.

Seven Tips to Boost Your Productivity This Summer

How To Boost Your Productivity This Summer | Original Caroline

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6 Ways To Feel More Confident This Summer

We all have our insecurities — reasons to choose certain clothes over others and reasons to cover up at the beach or a pool party. I think it’s safe to say that a lot of us have imagined the “perfect” beach body at some point only to look in the mirror unhappy with our reflection. But if you wish to feel more confident, this has got to change! There’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to focus on our bodies and feel more confident, but you don’t have to do it in a negative way that involves deprivation and hating on yourself in the process.

You deserve to feel beautiful and confident, even when it can sometimes seem impossible. So here are a few ways to stop hatin’ on yourself and start feelin’ yo’self this Summer!

6 Ways to Feel More Confident This Summer | Original Caroline


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Monthly Playlist | July

Ahh, Summer . . . these months symbolize a time of vacation, relaxation and, most of all, freedom. There’s long weekends, lounging around catching up on much needed “me-time”, and the weather is optimal for outdoor activities that bring people together. Summer is ours for the taking. Whether you’re just relaxing in your backyard, grabbing a few friends for a road trip, or throwing a late night pool party, this monthly playlist will definitely help set the mood.

Here’s to fun out in the sun and long nights spent out under the stars with the perfect playlist. Enjoy!

Monthly Playlist: July | Original Caroline

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The Only Playlist You Need for the Fourth of July Weekend

With Independence Day just a few days away, folks across the country have been planning Fourth of July bashes filled with enough patriotism (or, at least enough beer and burgers) to carry us over until next year. That means, American flags, cheeseburgers, and a kickass playlist to get the party started! Unsure which all-American classics to include on your Fourth of July Weekend playlist? No worries, friend. I’ve got ya covered! Put on your red, white and blue and celebrate the U S of A.

They may be cheesy as hell, but there’s no better way to get in the spirit! Have a great Fourth, y’all.

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My 2017 Summer Reading List

One of my favorite things to do during the Summer season is putting on my bathing suit, grabbing the new book I just bought and laying outside by the pool reading until I can’t take the heat any longer (with my favorite sunscreen, of course!). After all, Summer is the perfect time to lounge around in the sun with a great book (or five!). And the great thing about books? They’re great for those rainy Summer days, too. If you’re looking for poolside page-turners you can dive into, I’m highlighting a range of options that you can tote along all Summer long. And this season, their is no shortage of good reads. Keep scrolling through to see what’s on my Summer reading list!

My 2017 Summer Reading List | Original Caroline

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