6 Steps For Storing Your Summer Clothes The Right Way

Fall is officially here (yay!). The air is crisp, the leaves are changing colors, and you’re sooo ready to start adding new pieces to your Fall wardrobe! But before you add any more booties and scarves, it’s a good idea to give your warm weather wardrobe pieces a proper goodbye first. Yes, the time has come to stow away our gauzy sundresses and make room for all our Fall fashion essentials. While it’s not rocket science, there’s a lot more to storing your Summer clothes than just simply tucking them away. 

The truth is, dumping our crop tops and bikinis into a box and kicking them under the bed for six to nine months can wreak havoc on our beloved Summer pieces . . . Moths, permanently set wrinkles, sun damage and even mold (yikes!). 

Luckily, you can avoid all that mess with just a few simple and quick tasks. Sit back, grab a notebook and pen, and start taking notes. Keep reading for six tips on properly storing your Summer clothes. 

6 Steps To Storing Your Summer Clothes The Right Way - Original Caroline
image: Avenue Lifestyle

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12 Wardrobe Essentials Worth Investing In This Fall & Winter

If I’m being completely honest, after 3+ months of enduring the stifling heat and debating whether or not to wear cut-off shorts in the office, I’m welcoming the cooler temperatures with open arms! And an empty closet. I mean, it’s not completely empty. But there is plenty of space just waiting to be filled with the impending season’s wardrobe essentials: coats, boots, and the coziest of knitwear.

And with the capsule wardrobe still buzzing around on fashion blogs, there’s never been a better time to take a hard look at your online shopping cart and consider what items will transcend seasonal trends and which will be donated after only wearing them once or twice.

So in an effort to take on my own capsule wardrobe, I’m challenging myself to invest in those pieces I’ll love and want to wear year after year, despite the changing tides of fashion. Wardrobe essentials to mix-and-match in a cohesive, organized, well-edited closet!

Whether your style is lazy-girl chic, a little more feminine, or edgy with bohemian hints, these are the twelve wardrobe essentials every woman should invest in for Fall and Winter.

Wardrobe Essentials For Fall & Winter, No Matter Your Style
image: Un-Fancy

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